HB 1497 Implementing changes to medicare supplement insurance requirements as mandated by the medicare modernization act of 2003 and other federal requirements.

Chamber: HOUSE  
Bill No.: HB 1497 Docs
Item No.: 11
Transcript No: 58
Date: 3-8-2005

  Yeas: 95  Nays: 0  Absent: 0  Excused: 3
Voting yea: Representatives Ahern, Alexander, Anderson, Appleton, Armstrong, Bailey, Blake, Buck, Buri, Campbell, Chandler, Chase, Chopp, Clements, Clibborn, Cody, Condotta, Conway, Cox, Crouse, Curtis, Darneille, DeBolt, Dickerson, Dunn, Dunshee, Eickmeyer, Ericks, Ericksen, Flannigan, Fromhold, Grant, Green, Haigh, Haler, Hankins, Hasegawa, Hinkle, Holmquist, Hudgins, Hunt, Hunter, Jarrett, Kessler, Kilmer, Kirby, Kretz, Kristiansen, Lantz, Linville, Lovick, McCoy, McCune, McDermott, McDonald, Miloscia, Moeller, Morrell, Morris, Murray, Newhouse, Nixon, O'Brien, Orcutt, Ormsby, Pearson, Pettigrew, Priest, Quall, Roach, Roberts, Rodne, Santos, Schindler, Schual-Berke, Sells, Serben, Shabro, Simpson, Skinner, Sommers, Springer, Strow, Sullivan, B., Sullivan, P., Sump, Takko, Talcott, Tom, Upthegrove, Wallace, Walsh, Williams, Wood, and Woods
Excused: Representatives Kagi, Kenney, and McIntire