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Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education - 3/23/2023 1:30 PM

Full Committee

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Senate Hearing Rm 1 and Virtual
J.A. Cherberg
Olympia, WA

REVISED 3/21/2023 3:44 PM

Public Hearing
  1. SHB 1044 - Providing capital financial assistance to small school districts with demonstrated funding challenges. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  2. HB 1536 - Clarifying requirements governing the withholding of high school diplomas. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
Work Session
  1. Supporting students' well-being using technology.
Executive Session
  1. HB 1308 - Concerning high school graduation pathway options.
  2. 2SHB 1332 - Supporting public school instruction in tribal sovereignty and federally recognized Indian tribes.
  3. EHB 1714 - Allowing school districts to apply for financial literacy education professional development grants.
  4. 2SHB 1013 - Establishing regional apprenticeship programs.
  5. EHB 1478 - Establishing a statement of student rights.

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