Committee Schedules

Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks - 3/20/2023 1:30 PM

Full Committee

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Senate Hearing Rm 3 and Virtual
J.A. Cherberg Building
Olympia, WA

Public Hearing
  1. ESHB 1235 - Modifying miscellaneous provisions impacting department of fish and wildlife licensing requirements. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  2. ESHB 1498 - Concerning aviation assurance funding in response to wildland fires. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  3. 2SHB 1578 - Improving community preparedness, response, recovery, and resilience to wildland fire health and safety impacts in areas of increasing population density, including in the wildland urban interface. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  4. SGA 9108 - Lorna Smith, Member, Fish and Wildlife Commission.
  5. SGA 9338 - Barbara Baker, Member, Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Possible executive session on bills heard in committee. Possible other business. See for testimony options. To view committee meetings or access the committee meeting documents, visit the Legislature's committee schedules, agendas, and documents website: