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House Labor & Workplace Standards - 3/21/2019  8:00 AM

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House Hearing Rm E
John L. O'Brien Building
Olympia, WA

REVISED 3/20/2019 6:02 PM

Public Hearing
  1. 2SSB 5021 - Granting interest arbitration to certain department of corrections employees.
  2. SB 5022 - Granting binding interest arbitration rights to certain higher education uniformed personnel.
  3. SB 5199 - Granting certain correctional employees binding interest arbitration.
  4. SSB 5297 - Extending collective bargaining rights to assistant attorneys general.
  5. SSB 5474 - Permitting self-insurers to send duplicates of certain orders made by the department of labor and industries.
  6. ESB 5765 - Creating a new exclusion from mandatory industrial insurance coverage for persons transporting freight. (REVISED FOR ENGROSSED: Clarifying responsibilities for mandatory industrial insurance coverage for persons transporting freight. ).
Executive Session
  1. ESSB 5035 - Enhancing the prevailing wage laws to ensure contractor and owner accountability and worker protection.
  2. SB 5233 - Creating an alternative process for sick leave benefits for workers represented by collective bargaining agreements.
  3. SB 5398 - Concerning unemployment benefit eligibility for apprentices.
  4. SSB 5471 - Extending the validity of temporary elevator licenses, expanding membership of the elevator safety advisory committee, and allowing homeowners to remove certain conveyances from their residences.
  5. SSB 5550 - Implementing the recommendations of the pesticide application safety work group.
  6. SSB 5627 - Creating the healthy energy work group to develop the healthy energy workers board.
  7. SB 5795 - Increasing contractor bonding requirements.