Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Beverages, sweetened, statewide general excise tax on distributors of, for deposit into health equity account: SB 5371
Capital gains tax, gains from sale/exchange of certain long-term capital assets: SB 5096, * ESSB 5096, CH 196 (2021)
Capital gains tax, gains realized from sale of long-term real property and other capital assets, imposing: HB 1496
Capital gains tax, long-term, imposing: SB 5204
Carbon pollution tax on greenhouse gas emissions, imposing: HB 1513
Carbon pollution tax on sale/use of fossil fuels, imposing: HB 1577, SB 5373
Carbon pollution tax on sale/use of fossil fuels, imposing on energy-intensive trade-exposed industries: HB 1534
Commuter ride sharing, renaming as ride sharing, for purposes of certain excise tax preferences: HB 1514, * SHB 1514, CH 135 (2021), SB 5457
Income, any tax based on, state-imposed, including taxes on taxpayers or on their employers, prohibiting: HB 1583
Internet access tax, on internet access service subscriptions, imposing: HB 1460
Legal services, "sale at retail" and "retail sale" to apply to, for excise tax purposes: SB 5422
Liability for tax, when statute is repealed/expires/is amended and liability accrued before effective date: SB 5251
Liquor excise taxes, wine sales by small winery, exemption: HB 1116, SB 5001
Lodging, special taxes on sale of: SB 5012, SSB 5012
Modifications to provisions, including clarifications/corrections/efficiencies/easing compliance burdens: SB 5251, * ESSB 5251, CH 145 (2021)
Motor vehicles, special use tax on value of, for grade-separated transportation funding, with low-income rebate: HB 1304, SHB 1304
Statewide 988 behavioral health crisis response and suicide prevention line tax, on use of access and service lines, imposing: * E2SHB 1477, CH 302 (2021)
Statewide 988 behavioral health crisis response line tax, on use of radio access lines, imposing: HB 1182, HB 1477, SHB 1477, SB 5209
Telephone and voice over internet protocol tax, on switched access lines in state, imposing: HB 1460
Wireless devices, smart, retail sales of, imposing tax on: HB 1365, HB 1450