Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Development, transit-oriented, under GMA, grants to pay for SEPA impact statement and other costs: SB 5312
Fare enforcement, alternative system for, establishment, when: HB 1301, * SHB 1301, CH 70 (2021)
Health-related measures, restricting transit access due to declining to comply with, prohibiting: HB 1305, HB 1317
Rail fixed guideway systems, state safety oversight agency, UTC to replace DOT as: HB 1418
Rail fixed guideway systems, state safety oversight, UTC role: ESHB 1418
Regional transit authorities, alternative fare enforcement system establishment by resolution: HB 1301, * SHB 1301, CH 70 (2021)
Vaccination, law/rule/order requiring receipt as transit access condition, prohibitions and exemption: HB 1065
Vaccination, rule/ordinance/order/policy requiring receipt for COVID of, for transit access, prohibiting: SB 5144