Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Aircraft noise abatement, authorized programs, merging double amendments of RCW section concerning: * EHB 1192, CH 65 (2021)
Broadband services, retail, in unserved areas, provided by districts, authority/process for: HB 1336, * ESHB 1336, CH 294 (2021) PV, * 2SSB 5383, CH 293 (2021)
Cargo-handling equipment/infrastructure, zero and near zero emissions, purchasing authority: * ESB 5026, CH 88 (2021)
Port commissions, commissioner elections, ranked choice voting for: HB 1156, SHB 1156
Ports, public, activities undertaken by, exemption from permitting, when: HB 1436
Trucks, with pre-2007 model year, prohibiting or penalizing on district property, prohibition of: SB 5154
Wildfires, volunteer firefighter leave from employment for firefighting for port district, requirements: * SSB 5384, CH 105 (2021)