Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

               (See also ENERGY; UTILITIES)
Automated decision systems, development/procurement/use by public agencies: SB 5116, SSB 5116
BEST manufacturing act, Washington, building economic strength through manufacturing: HB 1170, * SHB 1170, CH 64 (2021)
Building materials, manufacturers of, environmental product declarations: HB 1103, SHB 1103, SB 5366
Career and technical education and student organizations, in agriculture, food, and natural resource sciences: HB 1544
Cosmetic products, toxic chemicals in, prohibitions, and manufacturer information disclosure requirements: SB 5480
Facial recognition technology, agency obtaining or use of, prohibiting: SB 5104
Industrial/manufacturing facilities, new construction of, in targeted urban areas, property tax exemption: * EHB 1386, CH 218 (2021)
Industries, emissions-intensive trade-exposed, as covered entities in Washington climate commitment act: SB 5126, SSB 5126, * E2SSB 5126, CH 316 (2021) PV
Manufacturers and processors for hire, lowering B&O tax rate to 0.00: SB 5422, SB 5440
Manufacturers, in energy-intensive trade-exposed industries, carbon pollution tax on sales/use of fossil fuels by: HB 1534
Manufacturing and warehousing job centers account, creating to mitigate local sales tax revenue losses: HB 1521, * ESHB 1521, CH 83 (2021), SB 5446
Personal protective equipment, Washington producers of, website of/report about/tax exemptions for: HB 1489
Space economy, employment and training opportunities in, studying: HB 1190
Wind turbine blades, stewardship and takeback program for manufacturers, developing: SB 5174, SSB 5174
Women in Cloud, activities of, recognizing: * SR 8602 (2021)