Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Arms, right to bear, firearm magazines/loading devices of any size, constitutional amendment to allow: SJR 8205
Environment/natural resources, preservation and protection of, rights of all people, constitutional amendment: HJR 4205
Fee increases, constitutional amendment to require simple majority: HJR 4203
Governor, term limit, constitutional amendment: SJR 8202
Legislation, including joint resolutions, cutoff dates: HCR 4402, * SCR 8401 (2021)
Legislative session, special, convening/purpose of, three-fifths legislative majority for, constitutional amendment: SJR 8201
Long-term care services/supports, investing funds, amending constitution: SJR 8200
Property taxes, state, homestead exemption from, constitutional amendment to allow: SJR 8206
Property taxes, state, residential real property exemption from, when, constitutional amendment for: HJR 4204, SJR 8206
Resolutions, memorials, and bills from 2021 regular session, returning to house of origin: * HCR 4403 (2021)
Road usage charges and motor vehicle fuel excise tax, double taxation, constitutional amendment to prohibit: HJR 4202
School district bonds, at least 55% of voters to authorize, constitutional amendment: SJR 8204
School district bonds, simple majority to authorize, constitutional amendment: HJR 4200
Schools, funding by state for, expanding beyond "common schools" to "K-12 education" via constitutional amendment: HJR 4206
Tax increase legislation, constitutional amendment to require two-thirds majority: HJR 4203
Term limits, for state representatives, senators, and supreme court judges, constitutional amendment: SJR 8203
Tracking technology, collecting data to determine taxes/fees with, constitutional amendment to prohibit: HJR 4201
Vehicle and trailer purchases, sales/use tax revenue highway use, constitutional amendment: SJR 8208
Vehicle miles traveled fee or other charges, for highway purposes, constitutional amendment: SJR 8207