Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Attorney general actions/programs/projects that will affect tribes, notice to/consent from tribes concerning: SB 5298
Attorney general, annual meeting with tribes to be hosted by: SB 5298
Behavioral health, involuntary commitment of American Indian or Alaska Native, requirements, modifying: * SSB 5073, CH 264 (2021)
Billy Frank Jr. national statuary hall collection fund, creating: HB 1372, * ESHB 1372, CH 20 (2021), SB 5419
Billy Frank Jr. national statuary hall selection committee, establishing: HB 1372, * ESHB 1372, CH 20 (2021), SB 5419
Billy Frank Jr., statue of, replacing Marcus Whitman statue in U.S. capitol's national statuary hall with: HB 1372, * ESHB 1372, CH 20 (2021), SB 5419
Climate commitment act, Washington, assistance program for offset projects on tribal land, establishing: SSB 5126, * E2SSB 5126, CH 316 (2021) PV
Climate commitment act, Washington, implementation of, tribal role: SB 5126, SSB 5126, * E2SSB 5126, CH 316 (2021) PV
Comprehensive planning, container port elements, Indian tribe collaboration: ESHB 1241
Comprehensive planning, county/regional, Indian tribe participation/coordination agreements and consultations: ESHB 1241, HB 1458
Comprehensive planning, port container elements, Indian tribe collaboration: HB 1458
Comprehensive public health services, health districts for, local boards of health and community health advisory boards, establishing: * E2SHB 1152, CH 205 (2021)
COVID-19 impacts, grants from tribes to address, tax exemptions for: HB 1002, HB 1095, * SHB 1095, CH 4 (2021)
Education, tribal leaders congress on, school district collaboration, when: SB 5252
Emergency management council, tribal members, adding: * SB 5101, CH 233 (2021)
Environmental justice, decisions affecting tribes' rights/interests, tribal consultation: SSB 5141, * E2SSB 5141, CH 314 (2021)
Environmental justice, significant agency actions and potential environmental impacts, tribal consultation: SB 5141
Federally recognized tribes, government-to-government relationships with, school administrator continuing education on: * ESHB 1426, CH 77 (2021)
Fish habitat enhancement, projects for, tribally sponsored fish habitat enhancement or restoration projects: HB 1478, * SSB 5381, CH 289 (2021)
Forest health treatments and wildfire prevention/response, role of tribal governments: HB 1168, SHB 1168, * 2SHB 1168, CH 298 (2021)
Health equity zones, including Indian communities in identifying and creating: * E2SSB 5052, CH 262 (2021)
Health equity zones, including urban Indian communities in identifying and creating: SSB 5052
Health programs, foundational public health services funding for, when: HB 1152, SHB 1152, SB 5173
Health, local boards of, member expertise and lived experience, diversity requirements: HB 1110
Long-term services and supports trust program, election of coverage by tribe: HB 1323, * SHB 1323, CH 113 (2021)
Menstrual hygiene products, in gender-neutral and female-student tribal school bathrooms, providing: HB 1273, * ESHB 1273, CH 163 (2021), SB 5070
Missing indigenous persons, "red thunder alert" designation in connection with endangered missing person: HB 1571
Missing indigenous persons, law enforcement authority investigation for, duties of: HB 1571
Missing or murdered indigenous persons, regional liaisons for, duties of: HB 1571
Native American names/symbols/images, as school mascots/logos/team names, prohibition, compliance transitional support grants: * SHB 1356, CH 128 (2021)
Native American names/symbols/images, use by public schools as mascots/logos/team names, prohibiting: HB 1356, * SHB 1356, CH 128 (2021), SB 5450
Native education, office of, WSSDA partnering with, for certain data gathering: SB 5252
Police officers, tribal, various provisions: HB 1082, SB 5051, SSB 5051, * E2SSB 5051, CH 323 (2021)
Remains/body of indigenous person, disposition of, county coroner duties: HB 1571
Remains/body of indigenous person, identifying and contacting family members and tribe: HB 1571
Salmon protection, lethal removal by tribes of pinnipeds in Puget Sound for, requesting congress act to allow: SJM 8003
Salmon, fisheries dispute resolution, Puget Sound salmon commercial fisheries advisory board, establishing for: SB 5421
Salmon/steelhead/trout management, fishing rights/management agreements, repealing ch. 77.110 to affirm: HB 1172, SB 5199
School districts and tribes, boards and tribal councils, regional meetings: SB 5252
School districts and tribes, data sharing agreements between, model for: SB 5252
School districts, tribal consultation training and schedule collaboration with: SB 5252
Schools, history/culture/government of nearest tribe, in social studies: SB 5161
Suicide, suicide-safer homes task force, subcommittees to include tribal member: HB 1181, SHB 1181
Trafficking, indigenous survivors of, services and resources for, grant funding to provide and support: HB 1571
Tribal schools, college in the high school programs, provisions governing: HB 1302, * SHB 1302, CH 71 (2021)
Tribal schools, enrollment stabilization allocations for, when: HB 1476
Tribal schools, K-12 safety and security services and staff, requirements and training: HB 1214, * ESHB 1214, CH 38 (2021)
Tribal schools, lead in drinking water, sampling/testing at outlets for, opting into: HB 1139, SHB 1139, * E2SHB 1139, CH 154 (2021)
Tribal schools, learning devices/computers/peripheral devices in, plan and programs for: HB 1365, HB 1450
Tribal schools, resumption of in-person instruction, as required learning option, when: SB 5464
Tribal schools, student transportation services during remote instruction: * E2SSB 5128, CH 234 (2021)
Tribal sovereignty/customs/culture/traditions/spirituality, training for coroners and law enforcement in: HB 1571
Tulalip tribe, John McCoy, former state representative and state senator, recognizing: * SR 8623 (2021)
Urban and community forestry program, role of tribes: HB 1216, SHB 1216, * E2SHB 1216, CH 209 (2021)
Vapor products, taxes on, Indian retailer exemption from, when: HB 1345, SB 5266