Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Contaminants, monitoring food supplies for, information from federal FDA related to, disclosure exemption for: * SB 5303, CH 99 (2021)
Crab, biotoxin contamination regulation of, DOH authority for: HB 1508, SHB 1508
Death with dignity act, end-of-life care in connection with, department role: HB 1141, ESHB 1141
Emergency health orders and actions, requirements due to education modality metrics: SB 5037
Emergency health orders, issuance by secretary, content and duration: HB 1004, HB 1017, HB 1029
Emergency health orders, issued by secretary, school in-person learning as required option unless prohibited by: SB 5464
Emergency orders/proclamations/directives, issued by DOH secretary, "open safe, open now" plan in relation to: HB 1553, SB 5473
Enforcement actions, burden of proof on department: SB 5081
Epidemic/pandemic local preparedness and response plans, development/implementation of, DOH role: HB 1442
Epidemics/pandemics, viral infections/severe disease prevention, health professionals committee, convening: HB 1442
Health centers, school-based health center program office, establishing, DOH role: HB 1225, * SHB 1225, CH 68 (2021)
Health equity continuing education training for health professions, requirements, DOH role: * ESSB 5229, CH 276 (2021)
Health equity zones, identifying and creating, department role: SB 5052, SSB 5052, * E2SSB 5052, CH 262 (2021)
Health professional loan repayment and scholarship program, DOH role: HB 1504, SHB 1504, * E2SHB 1504, CH 170 (2021)
Health systems, transparency, data/activities/services/staffing/finances, DOH role: HB 1272, SHB 1272, * E2SHB 1272, CH 162 (2021)
Home air quality improvement program, statewide, establishing, DOH role: HB 1291
Hospital/hospital system, acquisition of, applying for/receiving approval of DOH, requirements/procedures: SB 5335
Justice, environmental, environmental health disparities map, developing/maintaining further, DOH role: SB 5141, SSB 5141, * E2SSB 5141, CH 314 (2021)
Justice, environmental, environmental health disparities map, using for greenhouse gas emissions reduction: HB 1577
Justice, environmental, environmental health disparities, department actions to reduce: SSB 5141, * E2SSB 5141, CH 314 (2021)
Justice, environmental, environmental health inequities, department actions to reduce: SB 5141
Long-term care facilities, epidemic disease preparedness and response for, report and guidelines on, DOH role: * SHB 1218, CH 159 (2021)
Long-term care facilities, epidemic disease preparedness and response guidelines for, DOH to develop: SB 5294, SSB 5294
Long-term care system, state, training materials for local health jurisdictions concerning, developing, DOH role: HB 1218, * SHB 1218, CH 159 (2021)
Medicaid, clubhouses and peer-run organizations for persons with mental illness, DOH role: ESB 5328
Medical commission, issuance of limited licenses to international medical school graduates: HB 1129, * SHB 1129, CH 204 (2021)
Microenterprise home kitchen operations, regulation of and permits and pilot program for, DOH role: HB 1258, SHB 1258, E2SHB 1258
Nursing care quality assurance commission, executive director for, secretary to appoint: HB 1123
Parks/outdoor recreation spaces, "parks Rx" health and wellness pilot program task force, DOH to convene: SB 5292, SSB 5292
Provider organization acquisitions, impact on affordable/reproductive/end-of-life/gender affirming health care, studying: SB 5335
Public health districts, comprehensive, creation and functioning of, department role: HB 1152, SB 5173
Public health system and services, public health advisory board, establishing, DOH role: * E2SHB 1152, CH 205 (2021)
Public health, comprehensive health services districts, establishing and functioning of, DOH role: SHB 1152
School drinking water, lead in, sampling/testing at outlets for, requirements, DOH role: HB 1139, SHB 1139, * E2SHB 1139, CH 154 (2021)
Substance use disorder professionals/professional trainees, certification via apprenticeship program, DOH role: * EHB 1311, CH 165 (2021)
Vapor products, regulation of, comprehensive provisions, DOH role: HB 1345, SB 5266
Water, reclaimed, treatment by on-site nonpotable water systems and reuse, risk-based standards, DOH role: HB 1184, * ESHB 1184, CH 156 (2021), SB 5087
Wilderness therapy programs, business licensing of, DOH role: SB 5056