Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

               (See also WEAPONS)
Aiming or discharge of firearm or dangerous weapon, unlawful, provisions: HB 1038
Ammunition, firearm magazines/loading devices of any size, constitutional amendment to allow for self-defense: SJR 8205
Ammunition, large capacity magazines, definition and prohibitions: HB 1164, SB 5078, SSB 5078
Assault weapon, defining with list of specific firearms: HB 1229, SB 5217
Assault weapons, requirements and prohibitions: HB 1229, SB 5217
Clay targets, sales and use tax exemptions: SB 5187
Extreme risk protection orders, moving to a single civil protection orders chapter: HB 1320, SHB 1320, * E2SHB 1320, CH 215 (2021), SB 5297
Forfeited firearms, destroying of, policies/criteria for when: HB 1134
Gun clubs, nonprofit, clay target sales and use tax exemptions for: SB 5187
Loss or theft, owner/possessor who suffers, mandatory reporting and failure to report: HB 1133
Open carrying, at public demonstration or state capitol, prohibiting: SB 5038
Open carrying, knowingly, at permitted demonstration or state capitol, prohibiting, when: * ESSB 5038, CH 261 (2021)
Openly carrying/displaying in threatening manner, as criminal mischief, class C felony: HB 1283, SHB 1283
Pistols, license for concealed, public records disclosure exemption, when: SB 5095
Possession, by school personnel with valid concealed pistol license: HB 1481
Possession, in certain places, local government regulation of, in addition to or more restrictive than state law: HB 1313
Possession, in state capitol campus buildings, on west capitol grounds, or in certain other buildings, prohibiting: HB 1234
Possession, right to possess, petitioning court to restore, when: HB 1026
Possession, unlawful, after aiming/discharging or animal cruelty conviction: HB 1038
Possession, unlawful, in second degree, various provisions: HB 1038
Regulation of firearms, local government regulation of, in addition to or more restrictive than state law: HB 1313
Regulation of firearms, state preemption of, repealing: HB 1313
Sentencing enhancements for firearms, consecutive, resentencing, petition for: HB 1169, SHB 1169
Sentencing enhancements for firearms, earned release time, when: HB 1282, SHB 1282, SB 5285
Suicide, by veterans/military members, firearm temporary storage by dealer to prevent: HB 1181, SHB 1181
Theft of firearm from residence, store, shop, sales outlet, or vehicle, class B felony: SB 5407