Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Blackouts, rolling/inadequacy events, risk of, utilities/stakeholders meetings to address: HB 1527
Clean energy transformation act, electric utility projects under, resources analysis/advisory opinion: SB 5168
Clean energy transformation act, impact on electric utility customer bill total, disclosure of: HB 1327, SB 5363
Clean energy, least-conflict priority clean energy project siting program, initiating and carrying out: SB 5415
Clean energy, Washington sustainable transformative recovery opportunities for the next generation act: HB 1513, SB 5373
Conservation, tree planting and utility cool roof programs for: HB 1114, * SHB 1114, CH 11 (2021)
Conservation/efficiency opportunities, for single-/multi-family rental housing, roles of owner and utility: HB 1125, HB 1498, SB 5295
Electricity, all-electric energy systems, public policy of the state to include use of: HB 1280
Electricity, high-efficiency electric heat pumps and other equipment: HB 1084, SHB 1084, SB 5093
Electrification, building/transportation system, resource adequacy for, utilities/stakeholders meetings to address: HB 1527
Energy independence act, impact on electric utility customer bill total, disclosure of: HB 1327, SB 5363
Hog fuel, sales and use tax exemptions, extending expiration of: HB 1387
Investment projects, small or advanced nuclear reactors, sales/use tax deferrals, extending expiration of: SB 5244
Nuclear technology, small or advanced reactors, as eligible investment projects, sales/use tax deferrals: SB 5244
Renewable power, electric utility requirements for use of, impact on customer bill totals, disclosure of: HB 1327, SB 5363
Renewable/nonemitting resources, electric utility proposed projects, analysis and advisory opinion: SB 5168
Solar, community projects, program for utility electricity purchases from: HB 1046
Solar, facilities sited on certain agricultural lands, not eligible for expedited processing by EFSEC: SB 5206
Solar, manufacturers of systems and components, lowering B&O tax rate to 0.00: SB 5422, SB 5440
Solar, photovoltaic module stewardship/takeback program, delaying certain implementation dates: * HB 1393, CH 45 (2021)
Urban heat island effects, mitigating with shade tree and cool roof programs: HB 1114, * SHB 1114, CH 11 (2021)
Urban heat island effects, stormwater permittee monitoring of impact on salmon via permit: HB 1211
Wind turbine blades, stewardship and takeback program, developing: SB 5174, SSB 5174