Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Abusive litigation, chapter on, correcting incorrect RCW citation in: * EHB 1192, CH 65 (2021)
Coercive control, against family or household member or intimate partner, crime of, gross misdemeanor: HB 1449
Offenders, release/escape/etc. of, victim notification: SB 5245, ESSB 5245
Protection orders, domestic violence, moving to a single civil protection orders chapter: HB 1320, SHB 1320, * E2SHB 1320, CH 215 (2021), SB 5297
Strangulation, nonfatal, forensic nurse examiners for victims of: SB 5183, SSB 5183, * 2SSB 5183, CH 269 (2021)
Survivors of domestic violence, offenses committed by, sentencing alternative or resentencing for, when: HB 1293
Victims of domestic violence, vacation of conviction records of, applying for, when: HB 1293, SB 5180, * ESSB 5180, CH 237 (2021)
Workplace resources, domestic violence and, task force on, convening: * HB 1315, CH 43 (2021)