Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Bees/pollinators, habitat for, provisions: SB 5253, SSB 5253, * 2SSB 5253, CH 278 (2021)
Districts, meat and poultry processing and inspection within, grant program for access to, developing: SSB 5045, 2SSB 5045
Districts, pollinator habitat, small grants program funding for district educational efforts about the value of: SSB 5253, * 2SSB 5253, CH 278 (2021)
Energy conservation, life-cycle cost analysis in design of public facilities, guidelines for: HB 1280
Energy conservation, tree planting and cool roof programs for, role of utilities: HB 1114, * SHB 1114, CH 11 (2021)
Pollinator habitat, creating or maintaining via sustainable farms and fields grant program: SB 5253, SSB 5253, * 2SSB 5253, CH 278 (2021)
Preservation/protection of environment/natural resources, rights of all people in relation to, constitutional amendment: HJR 4205
Rental housing, single-/multi-family, conservation/energy efficiency opportunities, roles of owner and utility: HB 1125, HB 1498, SB 5295