Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Asphalt plants, odor control plan and best management practices for, work group for developing, creating: SHB 1057
Burning, flammable materials/refuse/waste forest materials on DNR-protected lands, permit requirement, violations of: HB 1423, * SHB 1423, CH 132 (2021)
Carbon dioxide, state agency purchasing of copy paper produced via process yielding less: HB 1518
Cargo-handling equipment/infrastructure, zero and near zero emissions, port district purchasing of: * ESB 5026, CH 88 (2021)
Clean air act, "enjoyment of life and property," to include parks and certain areas: HB 1057
Clean air act, enjoyment of life and property, asphalt plant odor control in relation to, work group, creating: SHB 1057
Clean air act, greenhouse gas emissions reduction under: HB 1577
Clean air act, permits required under, exemption from, when: HB 1436
Clean energy transformation act, electric utility projects under, resources analysis/advisory opinion: SB 5168
Commute trip reduction program, effectiveness of, assessing during pandemic: HB 1528
Commute trip reduction, car or van pool vehicles/plans/activities/ordinances, suspending requirements: HB 1528
Fire departments, fire suppression vehicles with emissions or fuel reduction technology, sales/use tax exemptions: HB 1479
Greenhouse gas emissions reduction account, creating: HB 1513, HB 1577, SB 5373
Greenhouse gas emissions, cap on, and allowances/offset credits, Washington climate commitment act: SB 5126, SSB 5126, * E2SSB 5126, CH 316 (2021) PV
Greenhouse gas emissions, carbon pollution tax on, imposing: HB 1513
Greenhouse gas emissions, clean fuels program, establishing: HB 1036, HB 1091, SHB 1091, 2SHB 1091, * E3SHB 1091, CH 317 (2021) PV, SB 5231
Greenhouse gas emissions, commercial transportation services: HB 1075, SHB 1075, 2SHB 1075
Greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel use for space/water heating, reducing: HB 1084, SHB 1084, SB 5093
Greenhouse gas emissions, from building materials manufacturing, buy clean and buy fair Washington act: HB 1103, SHB 1103, SB 5366
Greenhouse gas emissions, from food delivery and goods delivery providers: HB 1075, SHB 1075, 2SHB 1075
Greenhouse gas emissions, from hydrofluorocarbon and other refrigerants, reducing: HB 1050, SHB 1050, * E2SHB 1050, CH 315 (2021)
Greenhouse gas emissions, GMA/SMA/transportation planning for reducing: HB 1099
Greenhouse gas emissions, GMA/SMA/transportation/flood control planning for reducing: SHB 1099, E2SHB 1099
Greenhouse gas emissions, healthy homes and clean buildings act: HB 1084, SHB 1084, SB 5093
Greenhouse gas emissions, public facility practices and all-electric energy systems for reducing: HB 1280
Greenhouse gas emissions, reducing through carbon pollution tax and resulting revenues: HB 1513, HB 1577, SB 5373
Greenhouse gas emissions, zero emissions transportation future, state transition to, supporting: HB 1287, SHB 1287, * E2SHB 1287, CH 300 (2021) PV
Greenhouse gas emissions, zero emissions vehicles, provisions: HB 1388
Respiratory conditions, in children/teenagers, statewide home air quality improvement program, establishing: HB 1291