Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Behavioral health workforce act: HB 2081
Bills, title- or intent-only, prohibiting introduction or amendment of: HB 2190
Bills, title-only, prohibiting introduction of: SB 6042
Bills, title-only, prohibiting, constitutional amendment for: SJR 8214
Capital budget act: SB 6001, SB 6002
Capital budget act of 2019: HB 2177
Education act: HB 2175, SB 6006, SB 6014
Fiscal matters: HB 2173
Fiscal matters act: HB 2176, SB 6004, SB 6013
K-12 education funding act: HB 2140
Promoting the economic growth of the video game industry act: HB 2041, SB 5886
Revenue act: SB 6005
Revenue act of 2019: HB 2169
Sports wagering act: SB 5965
State general obligation bonds and related accounts: HB 2178
State general obligation bonds and related accounts act: SB 6000
State government act: HB 2174, SB 6003, SB 6015
Tax preferences: HB 2168
Tax revenue: HB 2167
Washington climate change mitigation act: SB 5980
Washington climate protection act: HB 2180