Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Aircraft, vehicle, or vessel, failure to register, deferred finding program: * ESSB 5997, CH 423 (2019)
Aircraft, vehicle, or vessel, failure to register, deferred prosecution, program for: SB 5362, * SSB 5362, CH 459 (2019)
Annexation, unincorporated areas, code city agreement with county: HB 1598, ESHB 1598, SB 5522, * ESSB 5522, CH 142 (2020)
Annexation, unincorporated island of territory: HB 1357, SHB 1357, SB 5249
Assessors, certifying total assessed property value and levy amount to, when: HB 2859
Ballot measures, statewide, local legal relation to, prohibiting declaratory judgment: HB 2887
Boarding homes, using residential dwellings as, city/county prohibition, prohibiting: HB 2890
Boarding homes, using residential dwellings as, county authority to authorize: ESHB 2890
Camping on public property, ordinance restricting, when: HB 2658
Clark, 2019 measles outbreak, budget stabilization account appropriations for: SB 6009
Clark, increasing superior court judges for: * ESB 5450, CH 53 (2020)
Clerks, new bond requirement, repealing: HB 2347
Community and technical college districts, tax levy for, by county: SB 6484
Community facilities districts, formation of, SEPA exemption: * HB 1366, CH 260 (2019), SB 5939
Community facilities districts, special assessments, term of: * HB 1366, CH 260 (2019), SB 5939
County council, PERS plan 2 or 3 retiree employment in elected position: SB 6125
County transportation authorities, members, including labor representative: HB 2929
Court appointed resource executor (CARE) officers, pilot program, where: SB 6109
Cowlitz, sheriff's deputy Justin DeRosier, honoring: * SR 8652 (2019)
Criminal justice, property tax levies for, authority to seek voter approval: HB 1718
Distressed counties, sales and use tax deferral: HB 1807
Ferry, Pend Oreille, and Stevens, jointly, increasing superior court judges in: * ESB 5450, CH 53 (2020), SSB 5450, SB 6178
Franklin, GMA plans and SMA master programs updates schedules: HB 2342, * ESHB 2342, CH 113 (2020)
High capacity transportation systems, certain taxes for, nullification, where: SB 6108
Homeless housing, public building conversion grant program, creating: HB 2282
Homeless persons, sleeping outdoors, criminal sanctions for, prohibiting, when: HB 2893
Housing benefit districts, low-/middle-income housing, establishing and funding: HB 2898, SB 6618
Improvements, public, contracts with community service organizations for: HB 2832, SHB 2832
Initiatives, approval, majority vote in each of majority of counties: HJR 4202
Initiatives, effective date, subject to county electing not to implement: HJR 4204
Initiatives, enacted, county selective implementation or enforcement: HB 1157
King county, payroll expense tax on businesses in, imposing, when: HB 2907, SHB 2907, SB 6669
King county-owned Harborview medical center, B&O tax exemption for: * SHB 2168, CH 451 (2019)
King, certain hospital district no. 2 EMTs in, LEOFF plan 2 service credit for: HB 2902
King, emergency medical personnel of local consortium in, PERS service credit: SB 6616
King, higher education campuses in, free public transit passes for employees of: HB 2949
King, HIV/STD program and county correctional facility, pilot project: SB 6303
King, James R. Ellis, community leader, honoring and remembering: * SR 8708 (2020)
King, limiting mandatory comprehensive planning under GMA to: SB 5915
King, Metro bus driver Eric Stark, honoring: * SR 8644 (2019)
King, operation of non-county shared employee shuttles in: SB 5896, SSB 5896
King, payroll expense tax on employers doing business in, imposing, when: HB 2948, SB 6692
King, persistent property offender arrested for property offense in, charging: SB 6502
Kitsap, GMA comprehensive planning updates schedule: HB 1183, HB 1312, SB 6566, SSB 6566
Kitsap, GMA plans and SMA master programs updates schedules: HB 2342, * ESHB 2342, CH 113 (2020)
Kitsap, state representative Sherry Appleton, honoring: * HR 4685 (2020)
Kittitas, sheriff's deputy Ryan Thompson, honoring: * HR 4630 (2019), * SR 8635 (2019)
Lewis, GMA plans and SMA master programs updates schedules: HB 2342, * ESHB 2342, CH 113 (2020)
Lewis, south sound region enhanced 211 drug line pilot project participation: SB 5546
Marijuana excise tax distributions, to certain counties, for vulnerable persons: HB 2900
Marijuana, businesses, refusing to license when county objects due to zoning: HB 2247
Mason, recreational target shooting areas in: SB 5099
New counties, formation of, establishing procedures: HB 1711, SB 5760
Officers, county, disputes between elected/appointed officials, mediation: SB 5560, * SSB 5560, CH 463 (2019)
Officials, county, Washington association of, irrigation district elections practices, studying: * ESB 5453, CH 462 (2019)
Ordinances, violations of, issuance, name of complainant required: HB 2812, SB 6572
Pierce, daffodil festival, its organizers, and its royal court, recognizing: * HR 4626 (2019), SR 8632, SR 8688
Pierce, sheriff's deputy Cooper Dyson, celebrating the life of: SR 8706
Pierce, sheriff's deputy Daniel McCartney, deputy Daniel McCartney act: SB 5050
Pierce, south sound region enhanced 211 drug line pilot project participation: SB 5546
Planning updates schedules, for GMA and SMA, schedules for, revising: HB 2342, * ESHB 2342, CH 113 (2020)
Puget Sound counties, central, GMA planning updates schedule: SB 6566, SSB 6566
Rural counties, new road usage charges in, prohibiting: SB 5255
Rural counties, sales/use taxes for public facilities, to include border counties: HB 2494, SHB 2494, SB 5899, SSB 5899
San Juan, San Juan Islands special license plates, creating: * EHB 1996, CH 177 (2019)
San Juan, San Juan Islands stewardship special license plates, creating: SB 5919, SSB 5919
Skagit, recreational target shooting areas in: SB 5099
Small counties, certain document-recording surcharge, retaining portion of: HB 2460
Snohomish, community residential service businesses, benchmark rate: HB 1193, SB 5281
Snohomish, former Edmonds mayor David Earling's service to, celebrating: * SR 8692 (2020)
Spokane, greater Spokane county meals on wheels program, honoring: * HR 4619 (2019), * SR 8626 (2019)
State forestlands, payments from exchange of, county prorating, when: * HB 2119, CH 309 (2019), SB 5975
Thurston, south sound region enhanced 211 drug line pilot project participation: SB 5546
Treasurers, contracting with another treasurer to perform services or duties, when: * HB 2072, CH 20 (2019)
Treasurers, property tax collection, refusal and liability: HB 1437, * SB 5132, CH 433 (2019)
Wages, median hourly in each county, basing wage laws and rules on: HB 2404, SB 6602
Walla Walla, GMA plans and SMA master programs updates schedules: HB 2342, * ESHB 2342, CH 113 (2020)
Yakima, former county commissioner Mike Leita, recognizing: * HR 4681 (2020)
Yakima, sheriff Brian Winter, recognizing: * HR 4669 (2020)