Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Accommodations owned by religious nonprofit organizations, antidiscrimination exemption: HB 1376
Ambulance service providers, nonprofit, enrolling volunteer emergency workers in volunteer firefighters' and reserve officers' retirement system: SSB 6026
Ambulance service providers, nonprofit, volunteer of as "emergency worker" for state retirement purposes, when: SB 6026
Auburn Youth Services, executive director James Blanchard, recognizing: * SR 8688 (2015)
Blind, nonprofit agencies for the, public agency procurement from: * HB 2398, CH 40 (2016)
Campaign contributions, by organizations that are incidental committees, disclosure requirements: HB 2256
Campaign contributions, by organizations, disclosure requirements: HB 2256, ESB 5153
Civics program for students, promoting responsible participation in government, role of nonprofits: SB 6232
Coal mine lands, nonprofit-owned former, property tax exemption, when: HB 2979
Debt adjusting or management services, nonprofit, exemption from regulation, when: HB 1489
Debt adjusting services, creditor "fair share" contributions, provisions: * SHB 1283, CH 167 (2015), SSB 5485
Debt adjusting services, criteria for organization to qualify as debt adjuster: HB 1283, SB 5485
Developmental disabilities, persons with, housing for when owned or leased by nonprofit, modifying property tax exemption: HB 2193
Disability, person with, to be "employee" for minimum wage act when with sheltered workshop or certain nonprofits: SB 6133
Expanded learning opportunities council, membership, to include certain nonprofit coalition: SB 5721
Fair associations, nonprofit, property tax exemption extension: SB 5706
Fair associations, nonprofit, rented property owned by, taxation of: SB 5708, SSB 5708, 2SSB 5708, * ESSB 6057, CH 6 (2015)
Fund-raising activity, organization contest of chance prizes, use tax exemption: * ESB 6013, CH 32 (2015)
Health or social welfare organizations, providing chemical dependency services, B&O tax deductions: HB 2028, SB 6477, SSB 6477
Homeownership development, low-income by nonprofit, property tax exemption: SB 6211, * SSB 6211, CH 217 (2016)
Host home programs, child abuse or neglect reporting requirements: * SHB 2440, CH 166 (2016), SSB 6249
Host home programs, nonprofit organization registration with secretary of state: * SHB 2440, CH 166 (2016), SSB 6249
Host home programs, tax-exempt organization-operated, not an "agency," when: HB 2440, * SHB 2440, CH 166 (2016), SB 6249, SSB 6249
Housing providers, nonprofit, projects to aid low-income students, funding for: * EHB 1633, CH 155 (2015), SB 5578
Manufactured/mobile home communities, when sold, notices of opportunity to purchase for eligible organizations: HB 2799, SHB 2799, 2SHB 2799
Motion picture competitiveness program, contributions to, B&O tax credit for: HB 2542, SB 6027
Municipal research and services center (MRSC), role in certain real estate sales requirements: * EHB 2122, CH 10 (2015)
Nature conservancy associations, state agencies acquiring lands from, funds application requirements: SB 6392
Prescription drug assistance foundation, authorizing assistance of underinsured individuals by: HB 2021, * SHB 2021, CH 161 (2015)
Public works, prevailing wages exemption for work performed by nonprofit organizations: HB 2015, SB 5953
Raffles, enhanced, by organizations for persons with intellectual disabilities: SB 6449, * SSB 6449, CH 116 (2016)
Solar energy systems, community solar programs or projects production incentive, nonprofits' role: HB 2346, SHB 2346, E2SHB 2346, SB 6188
Special occasion liquor license, nonprofits, winery serving and taking orders for own wine at event hosted by: SHB 2701, * ESSB 6470, CH 235 (2016)
Special occasion liquor license, not-for-profit organizations, wine sales for on-premises consumption: HB 2701, SHB 2701, SB 6470, * ESSB 6470, CH 235 (2016)
Spirits retail licenses, nonprofit exemption from issuance fee and certain sales taxes: SB 5353
Waste and litter reduction, recycling, and composting, grants received by organization for, B&O tax exemption: SSB 5659
Youth groups, sudden cardiac arrest during programs or services, compliance with policies: * ESSB 5083, CH 26 (2015)