Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Agricultural land, canine kenneling and equine boarding on land zoned as: HB 2735
Agricultural land, conversion from agriculture activities, prohibiting: HB 1215, HB 1216, SB 5169, SB 5170
Agricultural land, definition, clarifying to prohibit conversion to wetlands or fish habitat or allowing tidal inundation: HB 1630
Agricultural land, innovative zoning of, target-shooting facilities: HB 2814
Agricultural lands, designated agricultural areas, no minimum acreage requirements for: HB 2420
Agricultural lands, long-term commercial significance, local or state agency-owned, use: SB 5013
Coal mine lands, nonprofit-owned former, outside of urban growth areas and master-planned for industry, property tax exemption: HB 2979
Comprehensive plans, allegedly noncompliant jurisdiction with economic deterioration, superior court review: HB 2459
Comprehensive plans, impact fee collection delays, impact on certain improvements and strategies: HB 1709, SHB 1709, * ESB 5923, CH 241 (2015)
Comprehensive plans, optional elements of, grants or loans to cover costs, when: HB 2763
Development proposals, SEPA categorical exemptions, when: HB 1588
Fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas, excluding drainage ditches from: SB 6168
Growth management act, economic development element, requirements: HB 2719
Growth management act, legislative task force on, establishing: HB 2945, SHB 2945
Growth management act, partial planning under, extending end date for certain counties to adopt resolution for: SB 5985
Growth management act, repealing: HB 1373
Hearings board, local government challenges to planning decisions: HB 1158
Hearings board, membership and appointment process: HB 2418
Hearings board, permit exempt wells regulation, limiting authority to hear petitions challenging: HB 1889, SB 5061
Highway projects, continuing of construction during appeal of issued permit: SB 5855
Highway projects, state transportation corridor, various local permits, etc., DOT exemption: SB 5994
Long-range planning, costs of, city and county authority to collect permit or other fees to pay for: HB 1802
Planning policies, countywide, review and evaluation of, modifying provisions: SB 5604, SSB 5604
Private land, impact of government land use policies or decisions, just compensation, when: HB 1371, HB 2053
Private property rights, protecting from United Nations Agenda 21 policies: SB 5191
Public water systems, group A, growth management proposals notice requirements to include: * SB 5238, CH 25 (2015)
Railroads, freight rail dependent uses on land near, authorizing: HB 2468, SB 6334, ESSB 6334
Resorts, master planned, forest practices applications for timber harvesting within: HB 2308
Review and evaluation programs, land capacity analysis: SSB 6420
Review and evaluation programs, land capacity analysis and relevant lands definitions: SB 6420
Rural development, designated rural areas, no minimum acreage requirements for: HB 2420
Schools, as essential public facilities: HB 2377, SB 6426, ESSB 6426
Schools, siting inside and outside urban growth areas, creating legislative task force on school siting to consider: ESHB 1420
Schools, siting outside urban growth areas, authority for cities and counties, when: SB 6426, ESSB 6426
Schools, siting outside urban growth areas, authority for counties, when: HB 1420, HB 2586
Sewer systems, as urban services, sanitary and alternative system and existing on-site septic system options: SB 6611
Urban growth areas, in Eastern Washington counties, state agency purchase of land within, prohibiting: HB 3008
Watershed improvement districts, city or county to allow watershed management actions by, when: HB 2616, SB 6175
Wetlands, definition, modifying in connection with certain artificial wetlands: HB 2747