Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Actions by department, selective review by joint administrative rules review committee, when: HB 1816, HB 2554
Agricultural activity discharges from land, violation reported by named third party, notice by department of: SB 6551
Alternative water systems or supplies, for potable water, ordinance and information requirements, department role: HB 1793, SHB 1793
Animal feeding operations, concentrated, discharging to groundwater, general permit issuance and program for: HB 2840, SB 6568, SSB 6568
Applications and permits, requiring consistent and prompt department decision making: SB 5197, SSB 5197
Architectural paint recovery program, creation, department to enforce: HB 1571, ESHB 1571, SB 5926, SB 6142
Asphalt production facilities, notice of construction order of approval, updated, department role: HB 2385
Buildings' energy use, energy benchmarking program provisions, department role: HB 1278
Carbon pollution market and competitiveness certificate programs, creating, department role: HB 1314, SHB 1314, SB 5283, SB 6121
Chehalis basin, office of, establishing in department: * HB 2856, CH 194 (2016)
Chemicals, highly toxic, targeting and replacing, department role: HB 1472, SHB 1472, E2SHB 1472, SB 5406, SB 6131, SSB 6131
Chemicals, permanent chemical safety committee, establishing, department role: SHB 1472
Clean water act, federal, timely department preliminary and revised certification decisions under: SB 6172
Clean water act, federal, watershed management action projects by special purpose districts, certifying under: SHB 2616
Clean water act, federal, watershed management action projects by watershed improvement districts, certifying under: HB 2616, SB 6175
Cleanup of waste sites, remedial action appeals, ensuring unaffected action continues, department role: SB 5829, SSB 5829
Columbia Basin project, federal, exceeding number of acres irrigated, department authority to allow, when: SB 6537
Conservation corps, using Puget Sound corps for forage fish surveying: SHB 1152
Drought preparedness measures, modifying department role: HB 1836, SHB 1836, E2SHB 1836
Drought, drinking water supply projects, state drought preparedness account funds for, department role: HB 2863
Economic justice and environmental equity advisory committee, creating, department role: HB 1314, SB 5283
Elwha-Dungeness river basin, WRIA 18, certain water rights applications, department to act on: * ESSB 6513, CH 117 (2016)
Environmental permit applications, review of, notice to residents of highly impacted communities, when: SB 5618
Environmental statutes, various, updating for efficiency and local government flexibility: HB 2486, SHB 2486, SB 6257
Facilities, criteria-pollutant sources, notice of construction permits for, prohibiting department issuance for certain areas: HB 2980
Federal agencies, grant or loan from department, requirements: HB 2480, SHB 2480
Fish passage barriers, removal activities, compensatory mitigation, department role: * 2ESSB 5996, CH 17 (2015) PV
Flame retardants, in children's products and upholstered furniture, limiting, department role: * ESHB 2545, CH 176 (2016), SSB 5056, 2SSB 5056, SB 6131, SSB 6131
Flood risk reduction and habitat restoration, office of, establishing in department: HB 2614
Gasoline vapor control systems, stage II, analysis of requirements, department role: HB 1891, SHB 1891, SB 5330
Greenhouse gas emissions, electric generation facilities, state plan compliance options, department role: SHB 2506
Greenhouse gas emissions, electric generation facilities, state plan mass-based compliance option, department selection: HB 2506
Greenhouse gas emissions, restricting beyond federal regulations, prohibiting: HB 2421
Greenhouse gas emissions, source reduction activities credit, department rules to allow: HB 2684
Greenhouse gas emissions, statewide limit, requiring authorization in legislation for department rule or policy: SB 6173
Highway projects, coastal zone management act consistency determinations, deadline: SB 5855
Hydropower licensing, relicensing, and license implementation program, reports, department role: * SHB 1130, CH 75 (2016)
Land use actions by department, significant, empirical science use: HB 1963, SB 5622, SSB 5622
Light pollution, department to study: HB 2057
Motor vehicle emissions, adoption of standards, modifying department regulatory authority: HB 1487, SHB 1487, SB 5423
Noise control, updating certain statutes: HB 2486, SHB 2486, SB 6257
Oil spill and hazardous materials response, Columbia river and Grays Harbor, department role: SSB 5057, E2SSB 5057
Oil spill and hazardous materials response, emergency responder grants, department role: SB 5057, SSB 5057, E2SSB 5057
Oil transport, by railroad, contingency plans for biological oils and blends, department role: SB 6576
Oil transport, contingency plans, notice, responsibility, and response, department role: HB 1449, * ESHB 1449, CH 274 (2015), SB 5087, SB 5834, SB 6418
Oil transport, safety of, hazardous materials emergency response reporting, department role: SHB 2575
Oil transport, safety of, updating oil shipment study, master document, and report, department role: HB 2575
Pharmaceutical waste, sorting and disposal, convening work group to consider, department role: ESHB 1845, * ESB 5577, CH 119 (2015)
Pharmaceutical waste, sorting and disposal, negotiated rule making with certain parties, department role: HB 1845
Proof of water reliance, for building permit recipients, application process for, department role: SB 6584
Reservations of water for domestic use, requirements, department role: SB 5129, SSB 5129
Rule making, applicable to transportation projects, more stringent than in abutting jurisdiction, prohibition: HB 2013
Rule making, department policies, requiring APA adoption, WAC codification, and legislative ratification: HB 1204, SB 5366
Rule making, department rules and policies, abrogation by governor or legislature: HB 1202, SB 5367
Shoreline development proposals, exempt from certain permit requirements, two general permits for, department role: HB 2036
Skagit river, recharging basin and aiding certain well users, department feasibility study: * ESB 6589, CH 227 (2016)
Solid waste, disease and pest control, department regulatory role: SB 6605, * ESSB 6605, CH 119 (2016)
Stream flows, base and minimum instream, mitigating effect of permit-exempt groundwater withdrawals on, department to evaluate: SB 5965, SSB 5965
Stream flows, favorable or enhanced, management of forests to create, optional compensation of DNR for: HB 2071
Stream flows, instream rules adopted by department, private property loss due to, public policy institute to study: HB 2952
Transportation projects, streamlined environmental decision making, department role: SB 5996, * 2ESSB 5996, CH 17 (2015) PV
Turf, synthetic turf fields, establishing advisory group, study, restrictions, and requirements, department role: SB 6540
Wastewater, discharge permits, enhanced biological nutrient removal or other technology requirement: SB 6191
Water banking, information about banks in state and, department role: * SSB 6179, CH 215 (2016)
Water infrastructure, grant program for, department role: SB 5628
Water quality violations, modifying department quality determination and enforcement procedures: SB 5062, SB 5584, SSB 5584
Water resources, department power and duties, transfer to Washington water commission after its creation: SB 5801
Wenatchee river basin, WRIA 45, water rights applications, department to act on: SB 6513, * ESSB 6513, CH 117 (2016)