Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Aberdeen and Hoquiam, 125th anniversaries, recognizing: * HR 4636 (2015)
Aberdeen, The Daily World newspaper, honoring John C. Hughes for his work in journalism: * SR 8670 (2015)
Aberdeen, the Review Club of, 125th anniversary of, recognizing: * HR 4671 (2016)
Annexation, direct petition method, voter approval: HB 1848
Annexation, potential annexation areas (PAA), provisions concerning: HB 2112
Annexation, service costs to newly annexed areas, imposing taxes for: HB 1576, SHB 1576, ESHB 2156, SB 5864, * SSB 5864, CH 5 (2016)
Annexation, to another city or town, property owners petitioning for, appeals procedure: SHB 2074
Annexations and deannexations, notice and review processes, requirements: HB 1250, SHB 1250, SB 5138, SSB 5138
Auburn area chamber of commerce, recognizing: * SR 8701 (2016)
Auburn food bank, recognizing Debbie Christian for her work with: * SR 8673 (2015)
Auburn Youth Services, executive director James Blanchard, recognizing: * SR 8688 (2015)
Auburn, Miss Auburn scholarship program, recognizing: * SR 8682 (2015), * SR 8727 (2016)
Ballard, Syttende Mai festival and parade, celebrating Norway's constitution day: * SR 8649 (2015)
Boundary line adjustment and city limit reduction, notice and review processes, requirements: HB 1250, SHB 1250, SB 5138, SSB 5138
Capital projects, expanding range for which real estate excise tax revenues may be used: HB 1789, SB 5585, SSB 5585
Chehalis, Officer Rick Silva of Chehalis police department, honoring: * HR 4646 (2015)
Code cities, officers and employees, repealing subversive activities disqualification: HB 1040
Condominiums, conversion declaration recording fee, imposition by city for affordable housing: HB 2395
Consolidation, notice and review processes, requirements: HB 1250, SHB 1250, SB 5138, SSB 5138
Demolitions that reduce affordable housing, imposition by city of fee to offset: HB 2397
Electrification of transportation, infrastructure for, assisting municipal utility customers with financing for: HB 2966
Everson, volunteer work of Skyler Hamilton, honoring: * HR 4625 (2015)
Federal Way, recognizing in celebration of 25th anniversary: * SR 8678 (2015)
Fire protection districts, formation with boundaries of city or town, alternative to petition method: HB 2708, ESHB 2708, SB 6387, SSB 6387
Fire protection districts, formation, including ambulance service, authority for, when: SSB 6387
Fire protection, regional fire protection service authorities within boundaries of regional cities, establishing: HB 1606, SHB 1606, SB 5537
First-class cities, having employees perform public works project, dollar threshold limitation for: HB 2953
Health care coverage, purchase through PEBB by political subdivisions: ESHB 2156
Historic buildings, rehabilitation of, temporary property tax increase to fund, imposition by city: HB 2688
Hoquiam and Aberdeen, 125th anniversaries, recognizing: * HR 4636 (2015)
Housing, affordable housing incentive zones, designation: HB 2442, SB 6311, SSB 6311
Incorporations and disincorporations, notice and review processes, requirements: HB 1250, SHB 1250, SB 5138, SSB 5138
Joint operating agencies, formed by cities, raising contract sealed bid threshold, when: * SB 5760, CH 73 (2015)
Kent, 125th anniversary of, celebrating: * SR 8671 (2015)
Kent, recognizing Kent Pride, including Kent Pride parade: * SR 8651 (2015)
Kent, Roberto Gonzalez, recognizing: * SR 8660 (2015)
Lake Stevens, fire marshal Robert W. Marshall, honoring: * SR 8640 (2015)
Liquor, local prohibition on sale of, municipality and county power to repeal: HB 1564, SB 5167
Liquor, local prohibition on sale of, territory annexed into city after: * SHB 1564, CH 153 (2015), SSB 5167
Loads, public highway vehicle requirements and violations, exemption for cities: HB 2818
Mediation, authority to request in event of conflict with another town, city, or county, procedure: SB 6645, SSB 6645
Municipal corporations, overpayment and recovery of wages by: HB 2630, SB 6090
Nuisance abatements, assessments for, city and town authority, requirements: ESHB 2156, HB 2519, * SHB 2519, CH 100 (2016), SB 5694, ESSB 5694
Prevailing wages, public works and public building service maintenance contracts, small cities, exemption: SB 5707
Puyallup, Bob Neilson, honoring for his community leadership: * SR 8735 (2016)
Regulation of wages, hours, employee retention, and leave, city and town prohibition and county authority for: SB 6578
Regulation of wages, hours, employee retention, scheduling, and leave, city and town prohibition and county authority for: SSB 6578
Rent, commercial properties, state preemption of controls on rent for: HB 2407
Richland, Lane Allen Bray, former city council member, mayor, and legislator, honoring life and work of: * HR 4658 (2016)
Richland, recognizing and honoring Mike Kluse and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: * SR 8615 (2015)
Seattle Seahawks, congratulating and celebrating: * SR 8612 (2015)
Seattle, Bill Hobson, for his work to reduce homelessness in Seattle area, honoring: * SR 8737 (2016)
Seattle, Nancy Ruth Malmgren, honoring for her work in the Seattle community: * SR 8674 (2015)
Spokane, boxers Chauncy Welliver and Patrick Ferguson, celebrating: * SR 8664 (2015)
Spokane, Jeremy Affeldt, recognizing for his humanitarian efforts and professional baseball accomplishments: * HR 4639 (2015)
Stanwood railway station, requesting naming as Mary Margaret Haugen Station: SJM 8023
State land improvement financing area, certain eastern Washington city, area creation by: * HB 2842, CH 192 (2016), SB 6580
Streets and roads, maintaining of, city creation of transportation utility for: HB 1593, SB 5813
Streets and roads, repealing street utility local option transportation tax provisions: HB 1593, SB 5813
Traffic schools, establishing and operating, city or town authority for: * HB 2918, CH 201 (2016)
Vancouver, Bryce Seidl, former mayor and councilmember, honoring: * SR 8654 (2015)
Waitsburg, city of, 150th anniversary, celebrating: * HR 4634 (2015)
Walla Walla, Frontier Days, 150th anniversary of, recognizing: * HR 4679 (2016)
Warrant officers, authority to establish, requirements, duties: HB 1029, HB 1846, SB 5004, * SSB 5004, CH 288 (2015)
Water storage asset management services, procurement procedures for municipalities: * EHB 1989, CH 187 (2015), ESSB 5470
Wenatchee, celebrating apple blossom festival and honoring apple blossom festival court: * SR 8646 (2015), * SR 8728 (2016)
Yakima, Steve Caffery, honoring: * HR 4618 (2015)