Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Adult basic education, expected enrollments at community and technical colleges, council forecast: HB 2329, SHB 2329, SB 6161, SSB 6161
Adult basic education, funding for, council role: HB 1705, SB 5619
Early childhood education and assistance program, eligibility forecast, moving to council: SB 5999, * SSB 5999, CH 128 (2015)
Health benefit exchange, nonmedicaid persons enrolling, council to forecast: HB 2378, SHB 2378, SB 6279
High school diploma or credential, certain residents without, council forecast: HB 2329, SHB 2329, SB 6161, SSB 6161
Higher education funding, enrollment levels for calculating, council role in determining: SB 6095
Performance management strategies, including lean management, agency savings from, council duties concerning: SB 5736
Promise program, Washington, effectiveness of, council forecasting: HB 2820, SHB 2820, SB 6481
Racial and ethnic impact statements for criminal and juvenile justice systems, council role: SHB 2076
Racial and ethnic impact statements for criminal justice, human services, and education caseload bills, council role: SSB 5752
Racial impact statements, for legislative bills and resolutions, council to establish procedure: HB 2076, SB 5752
School district four-year budget outlook generic model, council technical working group to consider feasibility: SB 6130
Schools, common, enrollment forecasting by council: HB 2921, SB 6455, SSB 6455
Sentencing guidelines commission, colocating with council: HB 2270