Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Corporate officers, unemployment benefits, amending provisions of employment security act: SB 5227, * SSB 5227, CH 250 (2013)
Corporate officers, unemployment benefits, authorizing certain officers to receive: * HB 1056, CH 66 (2013), SB 5608
Employer, contacting, substitution of community service for: SSB 6392
Farm internship pilot project, establishment and relationship to unemployment compensation: SB 5123, * SSB 5123, CH 131 (2014)
Job search activity, in-person, substitution of community service for: SSB 6392
Maritime service, excluding services by certain persons on boat catching fish from definition of employment: * HB 1311, CH 75 (2013), SB 5758
Misclassification of employees, penalties under employee fair classification act: HB 1440, SHB 1440, 2SHB 1440, HB 2334, SB 5526
News business, independent contractors in, employment status for unemployment compensation purposes: HB 1659, * SB 5476, CH 141 (2013)
Overpayment recovery, disclosure of personally identifying information from fish and wildlife licenses to employment security: HB 1393, SB 5353
Part-time employers, unemployment insurance benefit charging relief in certain case: * HB 1903, CH 244 (2013)
Settlement authority of employment security, modifying: * EHB 1394, CH 122 (2013), SB 5354
Shared work program, adopting short-time compensation provisions in federal middle class tax relief and job creation act of 2012: * EHB 1396, CH 79 (2013), SB 5356
Suitable work, modifying requirements to include work with minimum age requirements: HB 1684
Unemployment insurance benefit charging relief for certain part-time employers, adding provision for: * HB 1903, CH 244 (2013)
Unemployment insurance integrity provisions of federal trade adjustment assistance extension act of 2011, implementing: EHB 1395, * SB 5355, CH 189 (2013)
Veterans receiving unemployment compensation, businesses that hire, business and occupation tax credit: HB 1615
Waiting period credits or benefits, community service standards for: HB 2690, SB 6392