Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Attorney fees for legal representation, accommodating indigent clients through sliding fee schedule and legal requirements: SB 5845
Companion animals, low-income owner assistance through companion animal safety, population control, and spay/neuter assistance program: HB 1229, SB 5202, SSB 5202
Energy assistance for low-income families, increasing: SB 6154
Environmental justice, state agency efforts concerning disproportionately adverse health and environmental impacts on low-income persons: HB 1434, HB 2312, SHB 2312, SB 6417
Essential needs and housing support program, effective date of modifications to, changing: * SB 6573, CH 218 (2014)
Essential needs and housing support program, eligibility for, determining: HB 2069, * SHB 2069, CH 10 (2013)
Essential needs and housing support program, persons with disability eligible for, continuation of safety net benefits: HB 2069, * SHB 2069, CH 10 (2013)
Higher education financial aid, state need grant program, setting grant awards for certain private institutions at same level as public universities: HB 1878
Housing, affordable low-income, selling or leasing of surplus governmental property for: HB 1563, SHB 1563, E2SHB 1563, SB 5598, SSB 5598
Prescription drugs and supplies, donated, authorizing dispensing to uninsured persons: SB 5148, * SSB 5148, CH 260 (2013)
Property tax relief programs, modifying disposable income calculation: HB 1728
Relocation assistance for low-income tenants, modifying provisions: SB 6292
Students, low-income, housing trust fund projects to aid: HB 2462, SB 6338
Students, low-income, opportunity internship program: HB 1560
Students, low-income, partnership pilot project for increasing enrollment in running start program: HB 1526, SHB 1526, E2SHB 1526
Students, low-income, program to increase college applications from high-achieving low-income students: HB 2694, SHB 2694, 2SHB 2694
Students, low-income, running start participation plans and program analysis to increase enrollment: HB 2396
Working families' tax exemption for eligible low-income persons, for certain sales taxes paid, modifying provisions: HB 1890
Working families, state remittance for persons eligible for federal earned income tax credit, repealing: SB 5749
Youth, low-income, establishing dropout prevention through farm engagement pilot project: EHB 1276, SHB 1276