Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Crisis situations, mental illness/homelessness/addiction, emergency crisis assistance team pilot project, establishing: HB 1661
Employment, providing B&O tax credit for hiring unemployed homeless persons or felons: SB 5472
Encampments, encampment cleanup grant program and encampment cleanup account, creating: HB 1373
Encampments, online data dashboard with performance metrics regarding sites: HB 1373
Encampments, prohibiting camping on public property within 500 feet of schools, parks, courthouses, and child care centers: HB 1373
Encampments, prohibiting within 1000 feet of schools or early learning facilities: SB 5332
Evergreen basic income pilot program, establishing: HB 1045, SHB 1045
Homelessness, reducing via American dream homes and associated tax preferences: SB 5016
Homelessness, reducing via emergency shelters, treatment, housing, data, hiring, and tax preferences: SB 5016
Homelessness, reducing via Washington housing crisis response act: HB 1149, SB 5202, SSB 5202
Housing and assistance, home security fund account, review of funds use for private market rental housing, eliminating: HB 1367
Housing and assistance, local homeless housing and assistance document-recording surcharge, revising use of: HB 1367
Indigent defendants, waiving imposition of crime victim penalty assessment for: ESHB 1169
Indigent offenders, convicted, office of public defense to provide counsel for: SB 5046, SSB 5046, 2SSB 5046
Services, contracted homeless service providers, performance requirements for: SB 5224
Students experiencing homelessness and foster youth program, replacing college pilot programs with: HB 1693, SHB 1693, SB 5702, ESSB 5702
Students experiencing homelessness, grant program for identification of and support for, expanding provisions: HB 1622
Students experiencing homelessness, grant program to link families with housing, expanding provisions: HB 1622
Students experiencing homelessness, work group on students in foster care or, to include students in or exiting juvenile facilities: HB 1679, SB 5719
Students, homeless, as special passengers, transportation arrangements for: E2SSB 5174
Students, homeless, individual transportation arrangements for: HB 1248
Students, homeless, safety net awards and supplemental allocations for transportation of: SHB 1248
Students, homeless, special transportation arrangements for: SB 5174, SSB 5174
Transitional housing operating and rent program, allowing graduated rent increases: SB 5637