Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

               (See also WEAPONS)
Aiming or discharge of a firearm or dangerous weapon, unlawful, provisions: HB 1541
Ammunition, large capacity magazines, prohibitions: HB 1068, SHB 1068, HB 1286, SB 5062, SSB 5062, SB 5340
Ammunition, lead, selling/giving to person under 21: HB 1346
Animal control officers, carrying firearms: SB 5016
Assault rifles, semiautomatic, sale or transfer, safety training requirements: HB 1511
Assault weapons and large capacity magazines, prohibitions: HB 1286, SB 5340
Background checks, confidential health care information: HB 1097
Background checks, exemptions, concealed pistol licensee transfers: HB 1649
Background checks, people's defense of the Second Amendment act of 2019: HB 2103
Background checks, single or full point of contact system for: HB 1949, * SHB 1949, CH 35 (2019)
Bump-fire stock buy-back program, modifying: SB 5954, * SSB 5954, CH 9 (2019)
Bump-fire stock buy-back program, participants' personal information: HB 2182, * SB 6025, CH 239 (2019)
Bump-fire stock buy-back program, SB 6025 concerning, authorizing consideration of: * SCR 8406 (2019)
Clay targets, sales and use tax exemptions: SB 5726
Colleges, community and technical, safety officer weapons: SB 5150
Deadly weapon sentencing enhancements, provisions: HB 1153
Force, with firearm discharge, use by officers and security guards, reporting: SB 5916
Forfeited firearms, destruction by state patrol: HB 1010, SHB 1010
Forfeited firearms, disposing of, by law enforcement agencies: HB 1671
Gun clubs, nonprofit, clay target sales and use tax exemptions for: SB 5726
Legislators introducing bills concerning firearms, training for: SB 5172
Lost or stolen firearms, reporting requirements: HB 1203
Open carrying of firearms, at public meetings, municipality restricting of: HB 1319
People's defense of the Second Amendment act of 2019: HB 2103
Pistols, concealed pistol licensees, background check exemption, when: HB 1649
Pistols, concealed, carrying into another's residence, prohibition: HB 1439
Pistols, delivery of, requirements: * EHB 1465, CH 244 (2019)
Pistols, license for concealed, applications and safety training program: SSB 5174
Pistols, license for concealed, applications, proficiency, and instructors: HB 1315, SB 5174
Pistols, license for concealed, background check requirements: HB 1464, * SB 5508, CH 249 (2019)
Pistols, license for concealed, exemption for correctional employees, when: * HB 1589, CH 231 (2019)
Pistols, license for concealed, firearm possession in certain places, exemptions: HB 2124
Pistols, license for concealed, in cases of domestic violence: HB 1225, * SHB 1225, CH 367 (2019)
Pistols, license for concealed, process for renewal by law enforcement: * HB 1934, CH 135 (2019)
Pistols, license for concealed, removing as requirement for pistol delivery: * EHB 1465, CH 244 (2019)
Pistols, license for concealed, surrendering due to protection order violation: HB 1541
Pistols, license for concealed, surrendering due to various orders requiring: HB 1786, * SHB 1786, CH 245 (2019)
Pistols, transfer and/or sale records database, prohibiting: HB 1022, HB 1024
Possession by juvenile, unlawful, interventions and sentences for: HB 1855
Possession, by person incompetent to stand trial, prohibiting: * SB 5205, CH 248 (2019)
Possession, on child care center premises, prohibitions: ESSB 5434
Possession, on child care center, library, or park premises, prohibitions: HB 1530, SB 5434
Possession, on school grounds by employees, when: HB 1038, HB 1763, SB 5977
Possession, prohibition after release from mental health evaluation: SB 5181, * SSB 5181, CH 247 (2019)
Possession, unlawful, in second degree, various provisions: HB 1541
Protection order violations, firearm surrendering and prohibitions due to: HB 1541
Protection orders, extreme risk, against person under 18: SB 5072
Protection orders, extreme risk, grounds for: SB 5745, SSB 5745
Protection orders, extreme risk, various provisions: HB 1774, SB 5027, * ESSB 5027, CH 246 (2019)
Purchase and possession, lowering required age for: HB 2103
Regulation of firearms, local government authority: HB 1374
Regulation of firearms, state preemption of, repealing: HB 1374
Repealing various firearms provisions: HB 1097, HB 1098
Seizing firearms and ammunition, due to domestic violence incident: HB 1225, * SHB 1225, CH 367 (2019), SB 5143, SSB 5143
Sentencing enhancements for firearms, with body armor possession: SB 5050
Sexually violent predators, deadly weapon delivery by unmanned aircraft to: HB 1381
Storage and security of firearms, requirements and penalties: HB 1098
Suicide, awareness and prevention materials for firearms dealers: HB 1648, SHB 1648
Surrendering firearms, protection order violation under parentage act: HB 1541
Surrendering firearms, protection, no-contact, or restraining orders requiring: HB 1786, * SHB 1786, CH 245 (2019)
Target shooting, on DNR-managed lands: SB 5099, SSB 5099
Undetectable or untraceable firearms, prohibitions: HB 1073, HB 1739, * SHB 1739, CH 243 (2019), SB 5061, SSB 5061