Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Community corrections division, workload study of: HB 1280
Community corrections staffing model, reviewing and updating, DOC role: * SHB 2417, CH 82 (2020), SSB 6369
Community custody, DOC recalculation of scheduled end dates for terms of: HB 2394, * SHB 2394, CH 276 (2020)
Community custody, DOC recalculation of terms of: SB 6370
Community custody, violations/sanctions, data/information reporting, DOC role: * SHB 2417, CH 82 (2020), SSB 6369
Correctional industries advisory committee, dropping "advisory" from name: SB 5838, SSB 5838
Correctional industries, wild horse training/holding program study and plan: * HB 2579 (2020) V
Correctional personnel, concealed pistol license requirement exemption for: * HB 1589, CH 231 (2019)
Corrections, legislative bills concerning, fiscal notes to include fiscal impact: SB 5636, SSB 5636
Data systems, DOC, for offenders and interaction with jail systems, studying: SB 6308
Detention facilities, private, contract for offender placing/transfer, prohibition: * ESSB 6442, CH 318 (2020)
Employees, civil service, interest arbitration: HB 1042, SHB 1042, SB 5021, SSB 5021, * 2SSB 5021, CH 233 (2019)
Employees, nonsupervisory marine department employees, interest arbitration: * HB 2763, CH 89 (2020), SB 6456
Gender-responsive and trauma-informed work group, establishing: SSB 5876
Health care facilities and providers, offender referral for services, standards: * ESSB 6063, CH 58 (2020)
Health care facilities, offender transfer to, guidelines: SB 6063
Health care services, prison medical director, qualifications for: SB 6063, * ESSB 6063, CH 58 (2020)
Information technology and records related units at DOC, performance audit of: SB 6298
Inmates, postsecondary education before/after release, DOC role: HB 2299, SHB 2299, SB 6576
Inmates, prisoner fatality and near fatality reviews and review teams, DOC role: SB 6204, SSB 6204
Inmates, total confinement, unexpected fatality reviews/review team, DOC role: 2SSB 6204
Internet, secure connections, correctional institutions pilot program, DOC role: SHB 2299
Medical and health related units of DOC, performance audit of: SB 6298
Officers, certification and termination: HB 2499, SHB 2499, * 2SHB 2499, CH 119 (2020)
Officers, use of force with firearm discharge, reporting: SB 5916
Ombuds advisory council, governor to convene: SB 6322
Ombuds, office of corrections, inmate unexpected fatality review team role of: 2SSB 6204
Ombuds, office of corrections, prisoner fatality review teams role of: SB 6204, SSB 6204
Ombuds, office of corrections, transferring to nonprofit organization: SB 6322
Peer support group counselors, corrections staff privileged communications to: * HB 2762, CH 42 (2020)
Pharmacy, of DOC, returned unit dose packages/medication cards, using: SB 6526, * SSB 6526, CH 264 (2020)
Rehabilitation and reentry, comprehensive system of, corrections as: SB 6203, SSB 6203
Security threat group database, public records act exemption for: HB 1871, SHB 1871, 2SHB 1871, SB 5888
Sentencing elements worksheet, mandatory, DOC development and use of: SB 6298
Solitary confinement, use monitoring and reporting by DOC: HB 2080
State-owned land/property, underutilized, inventory of, DOC role: HB 2774, EHB 2896
Vendors, vendor rate advisory group regarding, establishing: HB 2944
Women's division, permanent, within department, creating: SB 5876
Women's specific programs and related matters, work group to study: SSB 5876