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Bill NumberDescriptionDate FiledSponsor
HB 1862Providing tax exemptions for the assistance of disabled veterans and members of the armed forces of the United States of America.12/4/2023Leavitt
HB 1863Concerning payment for surveys of state-owned aquatic lands by current or prospective lessees of such lands.12/4/2023Christian
HB 1864Limiting the monetary assistance an indigent person may receive from the ignition interlock device revolving account program.12/4/2023Christian
HB 1865Modifying enforcement of motor vehicle liability insurance and fiscal responsibilities.12/4/2023Christian
HB 1866Concerning the academic and support needs of children of seasonal farmworkers.12/4/2023Ortiz-Self
HB 1867Eliminating the estate tax filing requirement for certain estates involving a qualifying familial residence.12/5/2023Walen
HB 1868Reducing emissions from outdoor power equipment.12/5/2023Walen
HB 1869Enacting the keeping our Washington guard strong act.12/5/2023Leavitt
HB 1870Promoting economic development by increasing opportunities for local communities to secure federal funding.12/5/2023Barnard
HB 1871Concerning the Washington state ferries' treatment of employees and applicants without consideration of COVID-19 vaccines.12/5/2023Walsh
HB 1872Establishing accountability requirements for homeless housing grant programs.12/5/2023Graham
HB 1873Concerning office of public defense social service workers for parents in child welfare cases.12/5/2023Ortiz-Self
HB 1874Protecting consumers from predatory loans.12/5/2023Walen
HB 1875Increasing protections for child welfare workers.12/5/2023Couture
HB 1876Concerning confidential fisheries information collected by other states and maintaining that confidentiality under the public records act.12/5/2023Springer
HB 1877Improving the Washington state behavioral health system for better coordination and recognition with the Indian behavioral health system.12/5/2023Lekanoff
HB 1878Preserving seniority for state employees who are reemployed.12/5/2023Low
HB 1879Naming the curriculum used to inform students about tribal history, culture, and government after John McCoy (lulilaš).12/5/2023Lekanoff
HB 1880Concerning architecture licensing examinations.12/5/2023McClintock
HB 1881Establishing a uniform standard for creating an established relationship for the purposes of coverage of audio-only telemedicine services.12/5/2023Harris
HB 1882Giving cities and towns the freedom to switch their general elections to even-numbered years.12/5/2023Farivar
HB 1883Concerning employer tax incentives for paying wages to employees during juror service.12/6/2023Walen
HB 1884Concerning coverage of prescription drugs for advanced metastatic cancer.12/6/2023Harris
HB 1885Strengthening campaign finance disclosure by prohibiting campaign contributions and expenditures by foreign-influenced corporations.12/6/2023Mena
HB 1886Concerning prearrangement funeral services.12/6/2023Walen
HB 1887Mitigating the consumer impacts of the climate commitment act by creating greater administrability of emissions exemptions and improving the transparency and business practices under the act.12/6/2023Chapman
HB 1888Concerning newborn safe transfer.12/6/2023Mosbrucker
HB 1889Allowing persons to receive professional licenses and certifications regardless of immigration or citizenship status.12/6/2023Walen
HB 1890Concerning housing authorities.12/6/2023Alvarado
HB 1891Maintaining the safety of children when a parent has a substance use disorder.12/6/2023Eslick
HB 1892Concerning the workforce housing accelerator program.12/6/2023Leavitt
HB 1893Concerning unemployment insurance benefits for striking or lockout workers.12/6/2023Doglio
HB 1894Modifying provisions of the business licensing service program.12/6/2023Walen
HB 1895Modifying the working families' tax credit by clarifying the refundable nature of the credit, the application requirements, and the eligibility verification process.12/6/2023Thai
HB 1896Simplifying the funding provisions of the statewide tourism marketing account.12/6/2023Ryu
HB 1897Concerning enrichment funding for charter public schools.12/6/2023Springer
HB 1898Concerning unemployment insurance benefit charging.12/6/2023Schmidt
HB 1899Facilitating reconstruction of communities damaged or destroyed by wildfires.12/6/2023Volz
HB 1900Implementing strategies to achieve higher recycling rates within Washington's existing solid waste management system.12/6/2023Fey
HB 1901Removing the sunset on changes to the unemployment insurance voluntary contribution program.12/6/2023Springer
HB 1902Enhancing requirements for the purchase or transfer of firearms.12/6/2023Berry
HB 1903Reporting lost or stolen firearms.12/6/2023Berry
HB 1904Using climate commitment act revenues to pay for hybrid electric ferries.12/6/2023Walsh
HB 1905Including protected classes in the Washington equal pay and opportunities act.12/7/2023Mena
HB 1906Changing the vessel length requirement in obtaining nonresident vessel permits.12/7/2023Chapman
HB 1907Creating a medical assistant-EMT certification.12/7/2023Tharinger
HB 1908Supporting the clean energy transition by providing a framework for financial assistance to utility-scale emission-reducing electricity generation or storage projects.12/7/2023Barnard
HB 1909Adjusting the membership of the pharmacy quality assurance commission.12/7/2023Low
HB 1910Concerning pawnbroker fees and interest rates.12/7/2023Walen
HB 1911Concerning activities in which the office of public defense may engage without violating the prohibition on providing direct representation of clients.12/7/2023Taylor
HB 1912Requiring state agencies to share information to encourage economic development.12/7/2023Chapman
HB 1913Expiring the international services tax preference.12/8/2023Cortes
HB 1914Improving the education of students with varying abilities by enhancing special education services.12/8/2023Couture
HB 1915Making financial education instruction a graduation prerequisite and a required component of public education.12/8/2023Rude
HCR 4405Naming the new Irving R. Newhouse Building.12/4/2023Sandlin
HCR 4406Calling a Joint Session of the Legislature.12/5/2023Fitzgibbon
HCR 4407Establishing cutoff dates for the consideration of legislation during the 2024 regular session of the sixty-eighth legislature.12/5/2023Fitzgibbon
HCR 4408Specifying the status of bills, resolutions, and memorials.12/5/2023Fitzgibbon
SB 5773Concerning public defense services.12/4/2023Torres
SB 5774Increasing the capacity to conduct timely fingerprint-based background checks for prospective child care employees and other programs.12/4/2023Billig
SB 5775Concerning cost-sharing requirements for prescription epinephrine autoinjectors.12/4/2023Keiser
SB 5776Accessing an emergency supply of insulin.12/4/2023Keiser
SB 5777Concerning unemployment insurance benefits for striking or lockout workers.12/4/2023Keiser
SB 5778Protecting the rights of workers to refrain from attending meetings or listening to their employer's speech on political or religious matters.12/4/2023Keiser
SB 5779Concerning the public records exemptions accountability committee.12/4/2023Wilson, J.
SB 5780Expanding training opportunities for public defense.12/4/2023Torres
SB 5781Establishing a law student rural public defense program.12/4/2023Torres
SB 5782Evaluating the provision of right to counsel services.12/4/2023Torres
SB 5783Mitigating the consumer impacts of the climate commitment act by creating greater administrability of emissions exemptions and improving the transparency and business practices under the act.12/4/2023Mullet
SB 5784Concerning deer and elk damage to commercial crops.12/4/2023Van De Wege
SB 5785Concerning department of fish and wildlife authority with regard to certain nonprofit and volunteer organizations.12/4/2023Warnick
SB 5786Making updates to the Washington business corporation act.12/4/2023Pedersen
SB 5787Enacting the uniform electronic estate planning documents act.12/4/2023Pedersen
SB 5788Concerning service animal training.12/4/2023Pedersen
SB 5789Concerning the sales and use tax for school construction assistance program capital projects.12/4/2023Mullet
SB 5790Concerning bleeding control equipment in schools.12/4/2023Dhingra
SB 5791Concerning the evaluation of the effectiveness of oral fluid roadside information in the enforcement of driving under the influence laws.12/4/2023Padden
SB 5792Concerning the definition of multiunit residential buildings.12/4/2023Padden
SB 5793Concerning paid sick leave.12/4/2023Saldaña
SB 5794Concerning architecture licensing examinations.12/4/2023King
SB 5795Implementing year-round Pacific standard time.12/4/2023Padden
SB 5796Concerning common interest communities.12/4/2023Pedersen
SB 5797Concerning fines levied upon authorized insurers.12/4/2023Kuderer
SB 5798Extending certain insurance notice requirements.12/4/2023Kuderer
SB 5799Concerning the sale of halal foods.12/5/2023Wilson, C.
SB 5800Improving access to department of licensing issued documents by clarifying the application requirements for a minor, modifying the requirements for at-cost identicards, and studying the feasibility of reduced-fee identicards.12/5/2023Wilson, C.
SB 5801Concerning special deposits.12/5/2023Dozier
SB 5802Providing flexibility in calculation of nursing rates.12/6/2023Muzzall
SB 5803Concerning the recruitment and retention of Washington national guard members.12/6/2023Conway
SB 5804Concerning opioid overdose reversal medication in high schools.12/6/2023Kuderer
SB 5805Developing a schedule for court appointment of attorneys for children and youth in dependency and termination proceedings.12/6/2023Frame
SB 5806Concerning the confidentiality of insurance company data.12/6/2023Kuderer
SB 5807Concerning housing authorities.12/6/2023Frame
SB 5808Granting interest arbitration to certain public safety telecommunicators.12/6/2023Van De Wege
SB 5809Concerning enrichment funding for charter public schools.12/6/2023Mullet
SB 5810Clarifying the collective bargaining unit for interpreters providing language access services to certain state agencies.12/6/2023Saldaña
SB 5811Expanding the definition of family member for individual providers.12/7/2023Kauffman
SB 5812Concerning the response to electric vehicle fires.12/7/2023Wilson, J.
SB 5813Mandating instruction on agricultural literacy for students in grades seven through 12.12/7/2023Dozier
SB 5814Concerning coverage of prescription drugs for advanced metastatic cancer.12/7/2023Muzzall
SB 5815Concerning the physician assistant compact.12/7/2023Muzzall
SB 5816Concerning alcohol server permits.12/8/2023Van De Wege
SB 5817Requiring state agencies to share information to encourage economic development.12/8/2023Van De Wege
SB 5818Authorizing an exemption to the seashore conservation area for a qualified infrastructure project.12/8/2023Van De Wege
SB 5819Making financial education instruction a graduation prerequisite and a required component of public education.12/8/2023Valdez
SB 5820Establishing protections for citizens participating in the initiative and referendum process.12/8/2023Wilson, J.
SB 5821Establishing a uniform standard for creating an established relationship for the purposes of coverage of audio-only telemedicine services.12/8/2023Muzzall
SJR 8207Amending the Constitution to allow a majority of voters voting to authorize school district bonds.12/8/2023Hunt