Including the value of solar, biomass, and geothermal facilities in the property tax levy limit calculation.

6 documents for 2708 (2011-12)

Document Document Type Description Date
(HTM) (PDF) House Bill 2708 Bills Original Bill 1/25/2012
(HTM) (PDF) Substitute House Bill 2708 as Recommended by Ways & Means Bills WAYS 11 Substitute Bill 2/9/2012
(HTM) (PDF) Digest of House Bill 2708 Digests Bill Digest 1/26/2012
(HTM) (PDF) Digest of Substitute House Bill 2708 Digests Substitute Bill Digest 2/16/2012
(HTM) (PDF) Initial House Analysis of House Bill 2708 Bill Reports Initial House Analysis 02-01-12 2/1/2012
(HTM) (PDF) House Bill Report on House Bill 2708 as Reported by House Ways & Means on 02-06-2012 Bill Reports Reported by WAYS 02-06-12 2/6/2012

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