Replacing vehicle excise taxes with a fixed license fee.

6 documents for 6865 (1999-00)

Document Document Type Description Date
(HTM) (PDF) Senate Bill 6865 Bills Original Bill 3/17/2000
(HTM) (PDF) Senate Bill 6865 - as passed by the Legislature Bills Bill as Passed Legislature 3/23/2000
(HTM) (PDF) Digest of Senate Bill 6865 Digests Bill Digest 3/17/2000
(HTM) (PDF) Senate Bill Report on Senate Bill 6865 Bill Reports SENATE BILL REPORT 3/16/2000
(HTM) (PDF) Senate Final Bill Reporton Senate Bill 6865 Bill Reports FINAL BILL REPORT 3/23/2000
(HTM) (PDF) Senate Bill 6865 - Session Law Chapter 001 Year 2000 1st Special Session Session Laws C 001 L 00 E1 4/3/2000

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