HB 1501-S - DIGEST

Requires a firearms dealer, when denying an application for the purchase or transfer of a firearm as the result of a background check or completed and submitted firearm purchase or transfer application that indicates the applicant is ineligible to possess a firearm under state or federal law, to: (1) Report that information to the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs;

(2) Provide the applicant with a copy of a notice form generated and distributed by the Washington state patrol that informs denied applicants of their right to appeal the denial; and

(3) Retain the original records for a period not less than six years.

Requires the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs to: (1) Create and maintain an electronic portal for a dealer to report the required information pertaining to persons who have applied for a firearm and were denied;

(2) Remove the record of the person's original denial from the database if the applicant is subsequently approved;

(3) Create and operate a statewide automated protected person notification system; and

(4) Establish a grant program for local law enforcement agencies to conduct criminal investigations regarding persons who illegally attempted to purchase or transfer a firearm within their jurisdiction.

Requires the Washington state patrol to: (1) Upon receipt of the information from the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs, incorporate the information into its electronic database accessible to law enforcement agencies and officers, including federally recognized Indian tribes, that have a connection to the database;

(2) Upon receipt of documentation that a person has appealed a background check denial, remove the record from its database; and

(3) Upon receipt of notification that a person originally denied the purchase or transfer of a firearm has subsequently been approved for the purchase or transfer, remove any record of the person's denied firearms purchase or transfer application from its electronic database.

Exempts the following from public inspection and copying under the public records act: Information and records prepared, owned, used, or retained by the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs and the Washington state patrol.