January 9, 2023 - Monday
SB 5000 Recognizing contributions of Americans of Chinese descent. Wagoner 12/5/2022
SB 5001 Concerning public facility districts created by at least two city or county legislative authorities. Hawkins 12/5/2022
SB 5002 Concerning alcohol concentration. Lovick 12/5/2022
SB 5003 Increasing the number of district court judges in Snohomish county. Lovick 12/5/2022
SB 5004 Making updates to the Washington business corporation act. Pedersen 12/5/2022
SB 5005 Concerning real property. Pedersen 12/5/2022
SB 5006 Clarifying waiver of firearm rights. Pedersen 12/5/2022
SB 5007 Establishing a wine retailer shipper's permit. Short 12/5/2022
SB 5008 Providing parents and legal guardians access to instructional materials. McCune 12/5/2022
SB 5009 Requiring parental or legal guardian approval before a child participates in comprehensive sexual health education. McCune 12/5/2022
SB 5010 Including synthetic opioids in the endangerment with a controlled substance statute. Wilson, L. 12/5/2022
SB 5011 Concerning the repeal of resentencing provisions for individuals sentenced as a persistent offender due to a robbery in the second degree conviction. Wilson, L. 12/5/2022
SB 5012 Requiring the joint transportation committee to conduct a study of a third bridge over the Columbia river between southwest Washington and Oregon. Wilson, L. 12/5/2022
SB 5013 Providing a tax exemption for the first 20,000 gallons of wine sold by a winery in Washington. Warnick 12/6/2022
SB 5014 Prohibiting the adoption of rules for the enforcement of gubernatorial emergency orders without legislative approval. Fortunato 12/6/2022
SB 5015 Reestablishing the productivity board. Fortunato 12/6/2022
SB 5016 Addressing homelessness through providing emergency shelter, incentivizing employment of workers experiencing homelessness, and building homes for a better future. Fortunato 12/6/2022
SB 5017 Dedicating the sales tax on motor vehicles to highway uses. Fortunato 12/6/2022
SB 5018 Concerning sales tax revenues of transportation projects being used for transportation purposes. Fortunato 12/6/2022
SB 5019 Concerning classified staff providing student and staff safety. Wellman 12/6/2022
SB 5020 Concerning elementary education starting at six years of age. Wellman 12/6/2022
SB 5021 Concerning the audiology and speech-language pathology interstate compact. Wagoner 12/6/2022
SB 5022 Exempting fentanyl testing equipment from the definition of drug paraphernalia. Muzzall 12/6/2022
SB 5023 Concerning roadside safety measures. Wilson, J. 12/6/2022
SB 5024 Establishing parents' bill of rights related to their child's public education. Dozier 12/6/2022
SB 5025 Concerning implementation of technology systems at the department of corrections. Dozier 12/6/2022
SB 5026 Eliminating prelicensing education requirements for licensed insurance producers. Mullet 12/6/2022
SB 5027 Promoting housing affordability by incentivizing the construction of American dream homes. Fortunato 12/6/2022
SB 5028 Revising the process for individuals to request name changes. Pedersen 12/7/2022
SB 5029 Empowering school district boards of directors. Short 12/7/2022
SB 5030 Changing the expiration date for the sales and use tax exemption of hog fuel to comply with the 2045 deadline for fossil fuel-free electrical generation in Washington state and to protect jobs with health care and retirement benefits in economically distressed communities. Van De Wege 12/7/2022
SB 5031 Concerning safety net award distributions. Wellman 12/8/2022
SB 5032 Extending the felony driving under the influence lookback to 15 years while providing additional treatment options through the creation of a drug offender sentencing alternative for driving under the influence. Padden 12/8/2022
SB 5033 Reclassifying the sentence for the crime of custodial sexual misconduct. Padden 12/8/2022
SB 5034 Concerning the authority for a peace officer to engage in a vehicular pursuit. Padden 12/8/2022
SB 5035 Concerning possession of controlled substances. Padden 12/8/2022
SB 5036 Concerning telemedicine. Muzzall 12/9/2022
SB 5037 Ensuring that the Washington state energy code may not prohibit the use of natural gas in buildings. Wilson, L. 12/9/2022
SB 5038 Modifying notification deadlines for certain education employment contracts and related dates. Mullet 12/9/2022
SB 5039 Mitigating the risk of wildfires through electric utility planning and identification of best management practices appropriate to each electric utility's circumstances. Rolfes 12/12/2022
SB 5040 Requiring notation on enhanced documents that the holder of the document has demonstrated the citizenship requirements sufficient to register to vote. Wilson, J. 12/12/2022
SB 5041 Concerning compliance with federal motor carrier safety administration requirements for the drug and alcohol clearinghouse. Lovick 12/12/2022
SB 5042 Authorizing the use of vascular neck restraints. Padden 12/12/2022
SB 5043 Recognizing that power plants that comply with the state greenhouse gas emissions performance standard are consistent with Washington's long-term policy for electricity. Short 12/13/2022
SB 5044 Expanding opportunities for physical therapy and occupational therapy professionals to form professional service corporations. Muzzall 12/13/2022
SB 5045 Incentivizing rental of accessory dwelling units to low-income households. Kuderer 12/14/2022
SB 5046 Concerning postconviction access to counsel. Saldaña 12/14/2022
SB 5047 Enhancing the Washington voting rights act. Saldaña 12/14/2022
SB 5048 Eliminating college in the high school fees. Mullet 12/15/2022
SB 5049 Concerning firearm theft. Wilson, L. 12/15/2022
SB 5050 Concerning informed consent for breast implant surgery. Wellman 12/15/2022
SB 5051 Concerning language understanding of documents used in dissolution proceedings. Wellman 12/15/2022
SB 5052 Establishing leasehold excise tax parity and accountability for certain arenas and stadiums. Liias 12/15/2022
SB 5053 Adding sublimits of coverage to an insurance policy's declaration page. Wellman 12/15/2022
SB 5054 Promoting and facilitating the use of professional learning communities. Wellman 12/15/2022
SB 5055 Concerning repealing an unconstitutional ban on contracting with private prisons in the state of Washington pursuant to the 9th circuit ruling in The Geo Group v. Newsom. Padden 12/15/2022
SB 5056 Establishing a special allegation for habitual property offenders. Padden 12/15/2022
SB 5057 Creating a work group to evaluate the costs of the state energy performance standard for covered commercial buildings. Mullet 12/15/2022
SB 5058 Exempting buildings with 12 or fewer units that are no more than two stories from the definition of multiunit residential building. Padden 12/16/2022
SB 5059 Concerning prejudgment interest. Kuderer 12/16/2022
SB 5060 Requiring the registration of rental and vacant housing units. Kuderer 12/16/2022
SB 5061 Concerning access to personnel records. Kuderer 12/16/2022
SB 5062 Concerning online marketplace consumer protection caused by organized retail crime. Lovick 12/16/2022
SB 5063 Establishing balanced legislative oversight of gubernatorial powers during a declared emergency. Wilson, L. 12/19/2022
SB 5064 Concerning excess cost allocations for special education programs. Wellman 12/19/2022
SB 5065 Encouraging public school instruction in awareness of bone marrow donation. Short 12/19/2022
SB 5066 Concerning health care benefit managers. Short 12/19/2022
SB 5067 Concerning meetings of county legislative authorities. Dozier 12/19/2022
SB 5068 Dedicating the state sales tax on motor vehicles for transportation. MacEwen 12/19/2022
SB 5069 Allowing interstate cannabis agreements. Rivers 12/19/2022
SB 5070 Concerning victims of nonfatal strangulation. Nobles 12/20/2022
SB 5071 Creating the purple star award. Nobles 12/20/2022
SB 5072 Advancing equity in programs for highly capable students. Nobles 12/20/2022
SB 5073 Concerning the responsibilities of the three branches of government for administrative rules and procedure. Wilson, L. 12/20/2022
SB 5074 Concerning coverage for biomarker testing. Wilson, L. 12/20/2022
SB 5075 Establishing a judicial sentencing database. Wilson, L. 12/20/2022
SB 5076 Concerning the authority to hold a person without bail until their first appearance on a domestic violence or protection order case. Wilson, L. 12/20/2022
SB 5077 Concerning the uniform commercial code. Pedersen 12/20/2022
SB 5078 Protecting public safety by establishing duties of firearm industry members. Pedersen 12/20/2022
SB 5079 Concerning the date by which tuition operating fees are established. Braun 12/20/2022
SB 5080 Expanding and improving the social equity in cannabis program. Saldaña 12/21/2022
SB 5081 Concerning victim notification. Nobles 12/21/2022
SB 5082 Encouraging electoral participation and making ballots more meaningful by abolishing advisory votes. Kuderer 12/21/2022
SB 5083 Protecting third parties from hazardous conditions arising from conservation easements. Wagoner 12/21/2022
SB 5084 Creating a separate fund for the purposes of self-insured pensions and assessments. Braun 12/21/2022
SB 5085 Concerning principal and assistant principal terms of employment. Wellman 12/22/2022
SB 5086 Concerning training for tribal police officers and employees. Lovick 12/22/2022
SB 5087 Removing language from the Revised Code of Washington that has been identified by the justices of the supreme court or judges of the superior courts as defects and omissions in the laws pursuant to Article IV, section 25 of the Washington state Constitution. Pedersen 12/22/2022
SB 5088 Adding references to contractor registration and licensing laws in workers' compensation, public works, and prevailing wage statutes. Keiser 12/22/2022
SB 5089 Making changes to factory assembled structures, manufactured or mobile homes, commercial coaches, conversion vending units, medical units, recreational vehicles, and park trailers requirements, including adding board members to the factory assembled structures advisory committee. King 12/22/2022
SB 5090 Concerning tort actions. Padden 12/22/2022
SB 5091 Creating and expanding tax incentives for the research, development, production, and sale of hydrogen fuel cells in Washington state. King 12/23/2022
SB 5092 Expanding the sales and use tax exemption to include hybrid electric and gasoline vehicles but not plug-in hybrid vehicles. King 12/23/2022
SB 5093 Improving climate resilience through updates to the state's integrated climate response strategy. Rolfes 12/23/2022
SB 5094 Adding a climate resilience element to water system plans. Rolfes 12/23/2022
SB 5095 Creating the "parks Rx" health and wellness pilot programs. Nobles 12/23/2022
SB 5096 Concerning employee ownership. Padden 12/23/2022
SB 5097 Creating an advisory council on rare diseases. Holy 12/23/2022
SB 5098 Prohibiting abortion on the basis of Down syndrome. Padden 12/27/2022
SB 5099 Transferring extraordinary revenue collections from the estate tax to the developmental disabilities community services account. Braun 12/27/2022
SB 5100 Concerning breast or chest wall reconstruction surgery. Wellman 12/27/2022
SB 5101 Concerning extraordinary medical placement for incarcerated individuals at the department of corrections. Saldaña 12/27/2022
SB 5102 Concerning school library information and technology programs. Wellman 12/27/2022
SB 5103 Concerning payment to acute care hospitals for difficult to discharge medicaid patients. Muzzall 12/28/2022
SB 5104 Surveying Puget Sound marine shoreline habitat. Salomon 12/28/2022
SB 5105 Authorizing digital driver's licenses through a mobile application. Mullet 12/28/2022
SB 5106 Updating timelines for adopting county commissioner district boundaries following expansion from three to five commissioners. Hunt 12/28/2022
SB 5107 Increasing the cap on gross sales for cottage food operations. Shewmake 12/29/2022
SB 5108 Concerning a regional training model for basic law enforcement training. Padden 12/29/2022
SB 5109 Creating a wage replacement program for certain Washington workers excluded from unemployment insurance. Saldaña 12/29/2022
SB 5110 Adding penalties for certain prohibited practices in chapter 49.44 RCW. Keiser 12/29/2022
SB 5111 Concerning payments for accrued and unused sick leave for certain construction workers. Keiser 12/29/2022
SB 5112 Updating processes related to voter registration. Hunt 12/29/2022
SB 5113 Concerning faculty in dental schools. Warnick 12/30/2022
SB 5114 Supporting adults with lived experience of sex trafficking. Wilson, C. 12/30/2022
SB 5115 Clarifying what constitutes mental abuse of vulnerable adults. Hunt 12/30/2022
SB 5116 Concerning oversight of bail funds. Padden 12/30/2022
SB 5117 Reforming the state building code council, its operations and procedures, and its statutory authority. Wilson, L. 12/30/2022
SB 5118 Concerning modifying the multifamily property tax exemption to promote development of long-term affordable housing. Kuderer 12/30/2022
SB 5119 Authorizing the state auditor to receive nonconviction data. Dhingra 12/30/2022
SB 5120 Establishing 23-hour crisis relief centers in Washington state. Dhingra 12/30/2022
SB 5121 Extending the expiration date of the joint select committee on health care oversight. Cleveland 12/30/2022
SB 5122 Extending the expiration date of the ambulance transport fund. Cleveland 12/30/2022
SB 5123 Concerning the employment of individuals who lawfully consume cannabis. Keiser 12/30/2022
SB 5124 Supporting guardianships and voluntary placement with nonrelative kin. Trudeau 1/3/2023
SB 5125 Creating the Washington future fund program. Trudeau 1/3/2023
SB 5126 Providing common school trust revenue to small school districts. Pedersen 1/3/2023
SB 5127 Clarifying school districts' ability to redact personal information related to a student. Wilson, C. 1/3/2023
SB 5128 Concerning jury diversity. Trudeau 1/3/2023
SB 5129 Planning for advanced nuclear reactor technology in Washington. MacEwen 1/3/2023
SB 5130 Concerning assisted outpatient treatment. Frame 1/3/2023
SB 5131 Concerning money received by the department of corrections on behalf of inmates from family or other outside sources for the purchase of commissary items. Wilson, C. 1/3/2023
SB 5132 Increasing the penalty for assaulting a law enforcement officer. McCune 1/3/2023
SB 5133 Modifying the responsible bidder criteria for public works projects. Keiser 1/3/2023
SB 5134 Concerning reentry services and supports. Wilson, C. 1/4/2023
SB 5135 Concerning solitary confinement. Wilson, C. 1/4/2023
SB 5136 Exempting permanently from the sales and use tax purchases of clothing, products for children, and prepared food. Fortunato 1/4/2023
SB 5137 Creating a missing and murdered indigenous women and people cold case investigations unit. Dhingra 1/4/2023
SB 5138 Providing that vehicles illegally parked on public property or in a public right-of-way are not homesteads under chapter 6.13 RCW. Fortunato 1/4/2023
SB 5139 Providing protections for Washington residents who decline COVID-19 vaccinations or who were terminated for refusing vaccination. Fortunato 1/4/2023
SB 5140 Creating the state elections confidence using rigorous examination act. Fortunato 1/4/2023
SB 5141 Granting Washington management service employees the right to collectively bargain. Hunt 1/4/2023
SB 5142 Creating an account for the pharmaceutical rebate revenue generated by the purchase of medications for people living with HIV who are enrolled in the early intervention program. Liias 1/4/2023
SB 5143 Changing the name and membership of the commission on pesticide registration. Torres 1/4/2023
SB 5144 Providing for responsible environmental management of batteries. Stanford 1/4/2023
SB 5145 Clarifying existing law regarding liability protections associated with public recreational use of lands or waters under a hydroelectric license issued by the federal energy regulatory commission. Short 1/4/2023
SB 5146 Removing regulatory restrictions on hydropower. Short 1/4/2023
SB 5147 Expanding the use of air conditioning in adult family homes. Mullet 1/4/2023
SB 5148 Prohibiting the display of wild or exotic animals for public entertainment or amusement. Liias 1/4/2023
SB 5149 Ensuring that offenders who are incarcerated and commit murder may be charged with the death penalty. Wagoner 1/4/2023
SB 5150 Concerning the beef commission's levied assessment. Shewmake 1/4/2023
SB 5151 Updating the executive team of the office of the secretary of state by adding a chief of staff position. Valdez 1/4/2023
SB 5152 Defining synthetic media in campaigns for elective office, and providing relief for candidates and campaigns. Valdez 1/4/2023
SB 5153 Concerning uniform disclosure of records related to future voters and making conforming amendments related to participation of future voters in state primaries. Valdez 1/4/2023
SB 5154 Improving Washington's solid waste management outcomes. Rolfes 1/5/2023
SB 5155 Concerning the court of appeals. Wagoner 1/5/2023
SB 5156 Expanding the farm internship program. Torres 1/5/2023
SB 5157 Concerning investments in critical water infrastructure projects. Torres 1/5/2023
SB 5158 Concerning transparency in state and local taxation. Wilson, L. 1/5/2023
SB 5159 Concerning shoreline master program review schedules. Torres 1/5/2023
SB 5160 Concerning organized retail theft. Torres 1/5/2023
SB 5161 Prohibiting fur farming. Liias 1/5/2023
SB 5162 Making transportation appropriations for the 2023-2025 fiscal biennium. Liias 1/5/2023
SB 5163 Removing the sunset provisions on the medicaid fraud false claims act. Rivers 1/5/2023
SB 5164 Making supplemental transportation appropriations for the 2021-2023 fiscal biennium. Liias 1/5/2023
SB 5165 Concerning electric power system transmission planning. Nguyen 1/5/2023
SB 5166 Reauthorizing the business and occupation tax deduction for cooperative finance organizations. Boehnke 1/5/2023
SB 5167 Eliminating expedited processing of alternative energy resource facilities fueled by solar or wind energy on certain designated lands before the energy facility site evaluation council. Boehnke 1/5/2023
SB 5168 Modernizing the energy independence act to avoid regulatory duplication and overlap with other laws. Boehnke 1/5/2023
SB 5169 Concerning health care plans administered by the health care authority that are available to medicare eligible retirees. Hunt 1/5/2023
SB 5170 Concerning funding and expenditures for legislative organizations by legislators who serve as elected leaders of those organizations. Hunt 1/5/2023
SB 5171 Addressing consumer gender discrimination. Dhingra 1/5/2023
SB 5172 Ensuring abortion safety by providing that only physicians may perform abortions and inform women of their right to be fully informed of the inherent risks. Fortunato 1/5/2023
SB 5173 Concerning property exempt from execution. Stanford 1/5/2023
SB 5174 Providing adequate and predictable student transportation. Wellman 1/5/2023
SB 5175 Concerning written contracts between school boards and principals. Wellman 1/5/2023
SB 5176 Concerning unemployment insurance benefits for officers of employee-owned cooperatives. Stanford 1/5/2023
SB 5177 Concerning organ transport vehicles. Mullet 1/5/2023
SB 5178 Concerning large debris removal from interstate highways. Fortunato 1/5/2023
SB 5179 Increasing access to the provisions of the Washington death with dignity act. Pedersen 1/5/2023
SB 5180 Adopting the interstate teacher mobility compact. Hunt 1/5/2023
SB 5181 Concerning medical assistants. Cleveland 1/5/2023
SB 5182 Concerning procedures and deadlines for candidate filing. Nguyen 1/5/2023
SB 5183 Raising the residential personal needs allowance. Liias 1/5/2023
SB 5184 Concerning licensure of anesthesiologist assistants. Rivers 1/6/2023
SB 5185 Addressing abortion. Fortunato 1/6/2023
SB 5186 Requiring antidiscrimination clauses in public contracting. Liias 1/6/2023
SB 5187 Making 2023-2025 fiscal biennium operating appropriations. Rolfes 1/6/2023
SB 5188 Making 2021-2023 fiscal biennium second supplemental operating appropriations. Rolfes 1/6/2023
SB 5189 Establishing behavioral health support specialists. Trudeau 1/6/2023
SB 5190 Increasing middle housing in areas traditionally dedicated to single-family detached housing. Trudeau 1/6/2023
SB 5191 Reforming the real estate agency law. Stanford 1/6/2023
SB 5192 Authorizing administrative law judges to substitute for pollution control hearings board members in deciding derelict vessel appeals. Shewmake 1/6/2023
SB 5193 Establishing firearms-related safety measures to increase public safety. Kuderer 1/6/2023
SB 5194 Rendering the Washington state insurance commissioner an appointed position. Mullet 1/6/2023
SB 5195 Addressing fuel price transparency. Hunt 1/6/2023
SB 5196 Creating the OL Reign special license plate. Nobles 1/6/2023
SB 5197 Addressing landlord-tenant relations by providing technical changes to eviction notice forms and modifying certain eviction processes. Kuderer 1/6/2023
SB 5198 Concerning the sale or lease of manufactured/mobile home communities and the property on which they sit. Frame 1/6/2023
SB 5199 Providing tax relief for newspaper publishers. Mullet 1/6/2023
SB 5200 Concerning the capital budget. Mullet 1/6/2023
SB 5201 Concerning state general obligation bonds and related accounts. Mullet 1/6/2023
SB 5202 Reducing homelessness in Washington state through capital expenditures for programs that address housing insecurity. Trudeau 1/6/2023
SB 5203 Improving the state's response to climate change by updating the state's planning framework. Lovelett 1/6/2023
SB 5204 Mandating coverage for fertility services. Frame 1/6/2023
SB 5205 Concerning limitations in parenting plans related to parental conduct. Dhingra 1/6/2023
SB 5206 Concerning intercollegiate athletic conference participation. MacEwen 1/6/2023
SB 5207 Concerning campaign contributions by controlled entities. Billig 1/6/2023
SB 5208 Updating the process for online voter registration by allowing voter applicants to provide the last four digits of social security number for authentication. Trudeau 1/6/2023
SB 5209 Establishing universal civic duty voting. Hunt 1/6/2023
SB 5210 Concerning the best interest standard for annuity transactions. Stanford 1/6/2023
SB 5211 Concerning requirements for the purchase or transfer of firearms. Liias 1/6/2023
SJR 8200 Amending the state Constitution so that state revenue collected from a road usage charge, vehicle miles traveled fee, or other similar type of comparable charge, must be used exclusively for highway purposes. Fortunato 12/6/2022
SJR 8201 Creating a public works assistance revolving account. Mullet 12/19/2022
SJR 8202 Amending the Constitution to address reproductive freedom. Keiser 12/21/2022
SCR 8400 Convening a joint session for the purpose of receiving the State of the Judiciary message. Pedersen 12/5/2022
SCR 8401 Establishing cutoff dates for the consideration of legislation during the 2023 regular session of the sixty-eighth legislature. Pedersen 12/21/2022