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PDFWAC 468-305-001


The following terms and acronyms shall have the meanings set forth as below.
"Administrative fee" means a fee imposed by WSDOT for toll collection processing and other activities as set forth in chapter 468-270 WAC.
"Administrative hearing" means a hearing with an administrative law judge to contest WSDOT's written decision in response to a notice of dispute regarding a notice of civil penalty.
"Administrative law judge (ALJ)" means a judge provided by the office of administrative hearings authorized to conduct administrative hearings.
"Auto Pay" means the addition of money to an account using a customer's predesignated payment method.
"Civil penalty" means the penalty assessed for any unpaid tolls.
"Commission" means the transportation commission appointed by the governor of the state of Washington. The commission is responsible for setting toll rates, fees, schedules and exemptions under RCW 47.46.100, 47.56.240, and 47.56.850 et seq.
"Customer service center (CSC)" means the place that customers can contact by phone, mail, in person, fax or internet to open and manage a toll account, and receive services regarding their account and information about state toll facilities.
"Department" means the Washington state department of transportation (WSDOT).
"Department of licensing (DOL)" means the agency that maintains vehicle registration information.
"Dishonored check" means any check returned to WSDOT by a financial institution for any reason, including nonacceptance, nonpayment, nonsufficient funds, stop payment, or missing signature, unless a justifiable stop payment order exists.
"Dishonored credit card transaction" means a credit card transaction that is not approved by the entity that issued the credit card.
"Dispute" means a customer's contact with the department, online, by phone or in writing, to dispute a fee, toll bill and/or notice of civil penalty.
"Dynamic toll pricing" means toll rates that vary automatically based on the real-time volume and/or performance of traffic in order to maximize the performance of the highway facility being tolled.
"Express toll lanes" means one or more highway lanes that can be used by authorized high-occupancy vehicles, and by toll-paying vehicles, where dynamic toll pricing is used to maintain travel speed and reliability.
"Facility" means a toll transportation facility.
"Final order" means the decision provided by the administrative law judge (ALJ) in response to an administrative hearing.
"Good To Go!™" means the name of the state's toll collection system and is a registered trademark.
"Good To Go!™ account" means an account that is linked to a Pass and/or license plate in order to pay tolls.
"Good To Go!™ customer" means a toll customer who participates in the department's Good To Go!™ tolling program.
"Good To Go!™ Pass (Pass)" means a branded device attached to a toll customer's vehicle that electronically identifies the toll customer's vehicle as it passes through the toll facility.
"Hearing request" means a request to dispute a Notice of Civil Penalty.
"Invoice account" means a restricted account available only to government agencies and other limited cases where the customer is invoiced monthly.
"Nonsufficient funds" means a dishonored check, for any reason, presented to WSDOT in payment of any toll transaction.
"Notice of civil penalty (NOCP)" means the notice that is sent to the account holder or registered vehicle owner for failure to pay a toll by the toll payment due date, and for which a civil penalty is assessed.
"Notice of dishonored credit card transaction" means that notice was sent to the account holder or registered vehicle owner that a transaction authorized by a toll customer is not honored by the financial institution for any reason except for the existence of a stop payment order.
"Notice of nonsufficient funds (NSF)" means the notice sent to a toll customer who presented a dishonored check to WSDOT in payment of any toll transaction or fee.
"Office of administrative hearings (OAH)" means Washington state office of administrative hearings who provides independent adjudication services for the state's tolling program.
"Pay As You Go" means the account payment option where the account is charged at regular intervals based on use. This option requires the customer to provide a valid debit or credit card and no prepaid balance is necessary.
"Pay By Mail" means the method used to pay a toll when a toll bill is mailed to the vehicle's registered owner. Tolls charged using Pay By Mail are charged the designated Pay By Mail toll rate.
"Pay By Plate" means the optional method used to pay a toll by an account holder whose vehicle does not have a Good To Go!™ Pass installed. Tolls charged using Pay By Plate are charged the designated Good To Go!™ toll rate and a Pay By Plate fee.
"Payment transaction" means a record of activity created by the customer service center as a result of a customer payment.
"RCW" means the Revised Code of Washington.
"State" means the state of Washington.
"Tacoma Narrows Bridge" means the toll facility located on SR 16 in Pierce County, Washington.
"Toll" means the charge for the use of a state toll facility.
"Toll bill (Pay By Mail toll bill)" means a bill that is sent to the account holder or registered owner of a vehicle.
"Toll collection system (TCS)" means any system that creates a toll transaction and includes both electronic and photo toll collection systems, and cash (where available).
"Toll customer" means anyone who passes through a Washington state toll transportation facility.
"Toll enforcement officer" means any person authorized by WSDOT to review and certify notices of civil penalty (NOCP).
"Toll payment due date" means the date when a toll bill must be paid.
"Toll transaction" means a record of activity created by the toll collection system as a result of a vehicle traveling through a tolling point.
"Unregistered toll account" means a uniquely identifiable type of account that does not contain customer name, address, or vehicle information and requires the use of a pass and manual replenishment.
"Variable toll pricing" means toll rate schedule that varies by time of day in order to maximize the performance of the highway facility being tolled.
"WSDOT" means Washington state department of transportation, any division, section, office, unit or other entity within Washington state department of transportation, and any of the officers or other officials lawfully representing Washington state department of transportation.
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