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Chapter 72-140 WAC

Last Update: 7/19/90


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF72-140-010Policy on public use of school facilities.
HTMLPDF72-140-020Application for use of school facilities.
HTMLPDF72-140-030Allocation of space.
HTMLPDF72-140-040Basis of fee assessment.
HTMLPDF72-140-050General policies limiting use.
HTMLPDF72-140-060Specific limitations on use.
HTMLPDF72-140-080Prohibited conduct at school facilities.


Policy on public use of school facilities.

Because the Washington state school for the blind is an educational institution provided and maintained by the people of the state, its campus, buildings, properties, and facilities shall be reserved at all times for those activities which are either directly related to its educational mission or are justified on the basis of their contributions to the cultural, social, or economic development of the state and its visually impaired citizens. The school is not obligated to make its public facilities available to the community for private purposes.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 72.40.022. WSR 90-16-007, § 72-140-010, filed 7/19/90, effective 8/19/90.]


Application for use of school facilities.

(1) Applications for use of school facilities should be made on the Facilities Request Form, available from the administrative office of the school, 2214 East 13th Street, Vancouver, Washington 98661.
(2) Reasonable conditions may be imposed upon the applicant to regulate the timeliness of the request, to determine the appropriateness of intended use of the space assigned, and to ensure proper maintenance of the facilities. A detailed listing of such conditions is available from the school's administrative office.
(3) The school may restrict an individual's or a group's use of school facilities if that person or group has, in the past, physically abused school facilities. Charges may be imposed for damage or for any unusual costs related to the use of facilities.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 72.40.022. WSR 90-16-007, § 72-140-020, filed 7/19/90, effective 8/19/90.]


Allocation of space.

Allocation of space shall be made in accordance with school regulations and on the basis of time, space, priority of request, and the demonstrated needs of the applicant. When allocating the use of school facilities, top priority will always be given to activities directly related to the school's mission. No arrangement shall be made that may interfere with, or operate to the detriment of, the school's own educational, research, residential, or public service programs.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 72.40.022. WSR 90-16-007, § 72-140-030, filed 7/19/90, effective 8/19/90.]


Basis of fee assessment.

(1) The school has established a three-tiered fee schedule for the use of school facilities. The schedule reflects the school's cost of operation and its evaluation of the intended purpose of the use. Groups closely affiliated with the school's mission, such as other state agencies or groups specifically promoting the education of the visually impaired, may be allowed access to school facilities free of charge. However, a small rental fee may be imposed if special operating costs are necessarily incurred. Other community groups will be charged according to the schedule. A current copy of the fee schedule is available from the school's administrative office.
(2) The school neither intends nor desires to compete with private enterprise in making its facilities available to the public. The school encourages the community to patronize local businesses whose privately operated facilities are well qualified to meet community needs.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 72.40.022. WSR 90-16-007, § 72-140-040, filed 7/19/90, effective 8/19/90.]


General policies limiting use.

(1) School facilities may not be used for purposes of political campaigning by or for candidates who have filed for public office except for student-sponsored activities or forums.
(2) Religious groups shall not, under any circumstances, use the facilities as a permanent meeting place. Use shall be intermittent only.
(3) The school reserves the right to prohibit the use of school facilities by groups which restrict membership or participation in a manner inconsistent with the school's commitment to nondiscrimination as set forth in its written policies and commitments.
(4) Activities of a political or commercial nature will not be approved if they involve the use of promotional signs or posters on buildings, trees, walls, or bulletin boards, or the distribution of samples outside the rooms or facilities to which access has been granted.
(5) These general policies shall apply to recognized student groups using school facilities.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 72.40.022. WSR 90-16-007, § 72-140-050, filed 7/19/90, effective 8/19/90.]


Specific limitations on use.

(1) The permissible use of facilities is limited to the purpose stated in the application and approved by the superintendent.
(2) Only that portion of the building listed and approved on the application shall be available for use by the organization.
(3) The facility shall be vacated by the time listed on the facility usage form.
(4) The user group shall abide by these and all other limitations established by the superintendent and set forth in the superintendent's policy on use of school facilities. A copy of such policy is available at the administrative office of the school.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 72.40.022. WSR 90-16-007, § 72-140-060, filed 7/19/90, effective 8/19/90.]



(1) Adult supervisors of student organizations using school facilities shall remain with their groups during usage, and shall ensure compliance with school regulations governing the use of facilities.
(2) A designated school employee or representative will be on site during usage, and will be compensated by the using organization when the event occurs outside of normal scheduled coverage.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 72.40.022. WSR 90-16-007, § 72-140-070, filed 7/19/90, effective 8/19/90.]


Prohibited conduct at school facilities.

(1) State law relative to public institutions governs the use or possession of intoxicants on campus or at school functions. The use or possession of unlawful drugs or narcotics, not medically prescribed, on school property or at school functions, is prohibited. Students obviously under the influence of intoxicants, unlawful drugs, or narcotics while in school facilities shall be subject to disciplinary action.
(2) The use of tobacco is restricted in accordance with published policy.
(3) Destruction of property is also prohibited by state law in reference to public institutions.
(4) No person or group may use or enter onto school facilities having in their possession firearms or other weapons, even if licensed to do so, except duly appointed and commissioned law enforcement officers.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 72.40.022. WSR 90-16-007, § 72-140-080, filed 7/19/90, effective 8/19/90.]