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PDFWAC 516-12-472

Payment of parking fine and impoundment fee.

(1) Parking fine. Fine schedules will be approved by the president or designee and posted on parking services' web site.
(a) Payment of fine is due upon receipt of citation.
(b) If any citation has neither been paid nor appealed after fourteen days beginning with and including the date of the citation, the university shall impose additional fines and may:
(i) Withhold the violator's degree, transcript, or grades until all fines are paid.
(ii) Delay registration for future terms.
(iii) Withhold parking privileges.
(c) After identifying the registered owner of any vehicle which has unpaid fines, parking services will contact the registered owner in writing that payment is required. If payment for outstanding fines is not made by the date required, the matter will be referred to the appropriate collection agency.
(d) The permit holder and registered owner(s) of a vehicle which is involved in a violation of the university's parking regulations are jointly and severally responsible for the violation.
(2) Impoundment fee. Fee schedules will be approved by the president or designee and posted on parking services' web site.
(a) The operator/owner of the impounded vehicle must pay all outstanding fines and fees online through parking services' payment portal or at the student business office.
(b) A fee will be assessed on vehicles immobilized by the wheel lock device.
(c) Any vehicle which remains immobilized by wheel lock for more than twenty-four hours in an area where towing is not practical or possible will be assessed a fee for each day or portion thereof over the twenty-four hours.
(d) An impound fee is charged if the driver of the tow truck or the wheel lock operator has performed any labor prior to the vehicle operator/owner returning to the vehicle before the impoundment is completed.
(e) An impounded vehicle shall be released to the operator/owner of the vehicle when all of the following are satisfied:
(i) Positive identification and proof of ownership of the vehicle is provided;
(ii) All unpaid fines against the impounded vehicle or any other vehicle associated with the violator are paid;
(iii) A wheel lock fee is paid;
(iv) All towing and storage fees are paid; and
(v) All associated documentation is completed.
(3) A person wishing to challenge the validity of the impound or any fines or fees imposed under these rules may appeal through the process provided in this chapter.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12). WSR 18-06-001, ยง 516-12-472, filed 2/21/18, effective 3/24/18.]
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