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PDFWAC 516-12-450


(1) Persons wishing to obtain parking permits are required to complete a registration process established by parking services and pay the corresponding fee. Annual permits are valid for twelve months, academic permits are valid for nine months, and quarterly permits are valid from the first day of the quarter for which issued, except for fall quarter which may coincide with the contracted faculty start date, to the first day of the following quarter. Quarterly permits may be renewed on or before the first day of the winter, spring, and/or summer quarters.
(2) A license plate must be associated with a valid permit. Vehicle license plates must be exposed to the lane of travel and be clearly visible, unobstructed, and able to be read by license plate recognition (LPR).
(3) To enhance the business and operation of the university, all lots (AL) or university business (UB) permits may be issued and renewed by the assistant director of the student business office and parking services. Initial requests for AL and UB permits require a completed application and the signature of the dean, director, or chairperson of the department with whom the person is associated. The approved arrangement may be renewed until the employee's job position or duties change. Issuance requires purchase of a university parking permit. AL and UB permits are valid for brief periods of time only when on university business and are valid only in lots as assigned on the AL or UB permit application.
(4) Persons with a temporary or permanent physical disability who require parking consideration must obtain a state disability parking placard, as well as a valid university disability parking permit.
(5) Permits may be revoked by the assistant director of the student business office and parking services under the following circumstances:
(a) When the purpose for which they were issued changes or ceases to exist.
(b) Falsification of an application or registration for parking.
(c) Violations of the regulations in this chapter.
(d) Failure to comply with a judgment of the appeals board.
(e) Failure to pay outstanding citations.
(f) Removal of a wheel lock without authorization of parking services.
(g) For an unauthorized permit transfer.
(6) University departments that sponsor functions such as athletic events, conferences, seminars, and dinners may arrange parking for their guests on a space available basis. Departments have the option of paying for guest parking; otherwise, their guests will be responsible for the parking fee.
(7) The director of public safety may suspend enforcement during emergencies as declared by the president or designee.
(8) Faculty, staff, or students who purchase an annual, academic, or quarterly parking permit may use the permit on any vehicle they drive but may not transfer ownership of the permit. The individual to whom a permit is issued is jointly responsible with the registered owner for parking violations by any vehicle bearing the permit.
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