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PDFWAC 51-11C-20202

Section C202.2B.

BELOW-GRADE WALL. That portion of a wall in the building envelope that is entirely below the finish grade and in contact with the ground.
BLOCK. A generic concept used in energy simulation. It can include one or more thermal zones. It represents a whole building or portion of a building with the same use type served by the same HVAC system type.
BOILER, MODULATING. A boiler that is capable of more than a single firing rate in response to a varying temperature or heating load.
BOILER SYSTEM. One or more boilers, their piping and controls that work together to supply steam or hot water to heat output devices remote from the boiler.
BUBBLE POINT. The refrigerant liquid saturation temperature at a specified pressure.
BUILDING. Any structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or occupancy, including any mechanical systems, service water heating systems and electric power and lighting systems located on the building site and supporting the building.
BUILDING COMMISSIONING. A process that verifies and documents that the building systems have been installed and function according to the approved construction documents.
BUILDING ENTRANCE. Any doorway, set of doors, revolving door, vestibule or other form of portal that is ordinarily used to gain access to the building or to exit from the building by its users and occupants. This does not include doors solely used to directly enter mechanical, electrical and other building utility service equipment rooms, or doors for emergency egress only.
BUILDING SITE. A contiguous area of land that is under the ownership or control of one entity.
BUILDING THERMAL ENVELOPE. The below-grade walls, above-grade walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, and any other building element assemblies that enclose conditioned space or provides a boundary between conditioned space, semiheated space and exempt or unconditioned space.
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