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PDFWAC 504-49-010


(1) The rules in this chapter explain the renewable energy system incentive program, which is administered by the Washington State University energy program (hereinafter referred to as "energy program"). It is the legislature's intent to provide the incentives as described in RCW 82.16.130 in order to ensure the sustainable job growth and vitality of the state's renewable energy sector. The purpose of the incentive is to reduce the costs associated with installing and operating renewable energy systems by persons or entities receiving the incentive. This incentive program authorizes an incentive payment based on electricity generated by renewable energy systems located in Washington state. Qualified renewable energy systems include:
(a) Solar energy systems;
(b) Wind generators; and
(c) Certain types of anaerobic digesters that process manure from livestock into biogas and dried manure using microorganisms in a closed oxygen-free container, in which the biogas (such as methane) fuels a generator that generates electricity.
(2) The rules in this chapter are divided into seven parts based on subject matter, as follows:
(a) Part I: Definitions;
(b) Part II: Participation and application requirements, and incentive levels by project type;
(c) Part III: Calculation of incentives;
(d) Part IV: General topics;
(e) Part V: Manufactured in Washington state;
(f) Part VI: Application process for currently certified renewable energy systems in the cost recovery incentive program; and
(g) Part VII: Appeals rights.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.30.150. WSR 18-20-025, ยง 504-49-010, filed 9/24/18, effective 10/25/18.]
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