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PDFWAC 495A-140-070

Prohibited conduct at college facilities.

(1) The use or possession of unlawful drugs or narcotics, not medically prescribed, or of intoxicants on college property or at college functions, is prohibited. Students obviously under the influence of intoxicants, unlawful drugs or narcotics while in college facilities are subject to disciplinary action.
(2) The use of tobacco is prohibited in accordance with college, local, state, and federal laws.
(3) Destruction of property is also prohibited by state law in reference to public institutions.
(4) College facilities will not be used for commercial sales, solicitation, advertising, or promotional activities except when said activities:
(a) Clearly serve the educational objectives of the college;
(b) Display of books are of interest to the academic community;
(c) Display or demonstration of technical or research equipment serve the interest of the college;
(d) Said solicitation activities must not interfere with or operate to the detriment of conducting college affairs; and
(e) Are conducted under the sponsorship or at the request of:
(i) A college department or official; or
(ii) An officially chartered student club or the associated students of the college.
(5) Activities must not be conducted in such a manner as to obstruct vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian, other traffic, or interfere with ingress or egress to the college, college buildings or facilities, or college activities.
(6) No person or group may use or enter onto college facilities having in their possession firearms, even if licensed to do so, except commissioned police officers as prescribed by law or described in WAC 495A-121-041(9).
(7) The activity must not create safety hazards or pose safety risks to others.
(8) The activity must not substantially interfere with educational activities inside or outside any college building or prevent the college from fulfilling its mission and achieving its primary purpose of providing an education to its students. The activity must not substantially infringe on the rights and privileges of college students, employees, or visitors to the college.
(9) College buildings, rooms, and facilities may be rented by noncollege groups in accordance with the college's facilities use policy. When renting college buildings or rooms, an individual or organization may be required to post a bond and obtain insurance to protect the college against cost or other liability in accordance with the college's facility use policy. When the college grants permission to use its facilities, it is with the expressed understanding and condition that the individual or organization assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage.
(10) Restrictions on dangerous weapons include:
(a) Individuals participating in expressive activities must not bring any firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals or other dangerous weapons that could be used to inflict bodily harm or to damage real or personal property on the college grounds; and
(b) Certified law enforcement officer may enter the campus in lawful possession of firearms while conducting official law enforcement duties.
(11) Restrictions on alcohol and drugs include:
(a) Individuals participating in expressive activities do not possess, use, or consume alcohol or intoxicants, prohibited drugs including not medically prescribed, or tobacco on campus property; and
(b) Prohibited drugs include those defined in chapter 69.41 RCW or any controlled substance under chapter 69.50 RCW, except as prescribed for medical use by the individual's licensed practitioner.
(12) College facilities may not be used for commercial sales, solicitations, advertising, or promotional activities.
(a) Such activities serve educational purposes of the college; and
(b) Such activities are under the sponsorship of an officially chartered student club, college department, or college office.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140 and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 19-20-048, § 495A-140-070, filed 9/25/19, effective 10/26/19. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.10.140, 42.30.075, chapter 34.05 RCW and 1991 c 238. WSR 92-12-017, § 495A-140-070, filed 5/26/92, effective 6/26/92.]
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