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PDFWAC 484-20-080

Annual declaration of income and resources.

(1) Each resident shall promptly provide the superintendent or designated representative with a statement reflecting all income and resources:
(a) Annually, at such time as determined by department policy;
(b) Within fourteen days of any change in income;
(c) Within fourteen days of receipt of any lump sum/back-award payment of benefits. The department shall provide forms for reporting of income and resources; and
(d) If the resident is able to demonstrate good cause, exceptions may be made to the reporting deadlines in (b) and (c) of this subsection.
(2) Each resident shall comply with any reporting requirements necessary to initiate/continue any benefits and/or pensions to which he/she is entitled.
(3) Reports shall be made at intervals and on forms prescribed by the entity paying the benefits and/or pension. Copies shall be submitted to the facility's administration for filing in the resident's administrative file:
(a) U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs benefits - As prescribed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
(b) Social Security benefits - As prescribed by the Social Security Administration.
(c) Medicaid benefits - As prescribed by the department of social and health services.
(d) Other pensions and benefits - As prescribed by the entity paying the pension/benefit.
(4) When a resident is authorized to contribute to the support of a dependent under WAC 484-20-065, the dependent shall also be required to comply with any required reporting intervals, using the prescribed form(s).
(5) The veterans benefit specialist and business office staff shall be available to assist residents to complete and submit appropriate reports in a timely manner and to resolve any underpayment or overpayment of benefits.
(6) Failure to comply with all income and resource reporting requirements may result in overpayment or underpayment of the resident contribution. Underpayment of the resident contribution may be grounds to begin discharge proceedings in accordance with WAC 484-20-120. Notice of such administrative action shall be given in accordance with WAC 484-20-103.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 72.36 RCW and 2014 c 184. WSR 16-20-105, § 484-20-080, filed 10/5/16, effective 11/5/16. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.60A.070, chapter 72.36 RCW and 2001 2nd sp.s. c 4. WSR 01-23-001, § 484-20-080, filed 11/7/01, effective 12/8/01. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.60A.070 and chapter 72.36 RCW. WSR 94-22-050, § 484-20-080, filed 10/31/94, effective 12/1/94. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.60A.070. WSR 80-09-069 (Order 80-01), § 484-20-080, filed 7/17/80; Order 7659, § 484-20-080, filed 7/28/77.]
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