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PDFWAC 484-20-068

Resident council.

(1) Each facility shall have resident council consisting of representatives elected by facility residents. Elections shall be held annually.
(2) The council shall annually elect a chair from among its members. The chair shall call and preside at council meetings.
(3) The resident council shall serve in an advisory capacity to the respective superintendents and to the director in all matters related to policy and operational decisions affecting resident care and life in the facility, to include, but not be limited to, input into the resident council biennial budget making process and facility supplementary policies and procedures. The superintendent shall give due and proper consideration to such input.
(4) Each resident council shall:
(a) Actively participate in development of choices regarding activities, food, living arrangements, personal care and other aspects of resident life; and
(b) When so requested by a resident, serve as an advocate in resolving grievances and ensuring resident rights are observed.
(5) Benefit fund.
(a) The resident council for each state veterans home shall annually review the proposed expenditures from the benefit fund. The resident council approves expenditures from the state veterans home benefit fund.
(b) Disbursements from the benefit fund shall be authorized by the superintendent after approval by the state veterans home resident council.
(6) Governance of the resident council.
(a) Bylaws, approved by the majority vote of the residents, shall define resident council operations.
(b) Bylaws shall be reviewed annually and amended as deemed appropriate by a majority vote of the residents.
(c) Bylaws shall include, but not be limited to definitions of mechanisms for:
(i) Annual elections of council members and chair;
(ii) Make up and responsibilities of any council committees;
(iii) Meeting schedules;
(iv) Determining the number of council members; and
(v) To ensure provisions for participation and representation from the medicaid certified nursing facility sections, should those residents choose to participate in resident council activities. When considering benefit fund related issues/expenditures in accordance with chapter 72.36 RCW and WAC 484-20-070, state veterans home benefit fund, the resident council shall ensure representation from all levels of care.
(d) The superintendent at each facility shall review and sign the bylaws, indicating agreement with and support of the bylaws.
(7) The resident council shall meet with the superintendent monthly and with the department director three times annually.
(8) Each resident council shall be provided the following:
(a) Meeting space;
(b) Appropriate equipment and supplies; and
(c) Clerical support for minutes of all resident council meetings as requested.
(9) All residents are eligible to serve on the resident council providing that they have signed the resident agreement which all residents receive upon admission to a state veterans home, and that they have not violated the provisions of WAC 484-20-090, the resident agreement or any agency or veterans home policies within the past twelve months.
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