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PDFWAC 480-66-310

Washing facilities.

(1) An adequate number of wash basins or lavatories for maintaining personal cleanliness must be provided within reasonable access for all employees normally assigned to office work areas, stations, yards, terminals, shops, engine houses, lunch rooms, bunk houses, and section houses. All other employees must be provided an adequate means to maintain personal cleanliness for eating purposes and after defecation or urination.
(2) The following table must be used to determine the adequacy of washing facilities (twenty-four inches of trough or circular wash basin is considered the equivalent of one wash basin):
Number of Employees
Minimum Number of Facilities
1 to 10
1 basin
11 to 24
2 basins
25 to 49
3 basins
50 to 100
5 basins
Over 100
5 basins plus 1 more for each additional 25 employees
(3) At least one wash basin must be located in or adjacent to each toilet room.
(4) Wash basins or lavatories must be made of smooth finished material, impervious to moisture.
(5) Supplies for wash basins or lavatories must include:
(a) Hot and cold running water to wash basins.
(b) Mechanical drying facilities or individual towels, either paper or cloth. The use of common towels is prohibited.
(c) Waste receptacles for used paper towels.
(d) Soap or other suitable cleansing agent at each wash basin.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 81.04.160 and 80.01.040. WSR 00-04-011 (Order No. R-469, Docket No. TR-981101), ยง 480-66-310, filed 1/21/00, effective 2/21/00.]
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