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PDFWAC 480-15-590

Leasing vehicles.

A carrier must enter into an equipment lease agreement before operating a leased motor vehicle. The carrier must ensure that all of the following conditions are met:
(1) The carrier signs the form and ensures the lessor signs the form.
(2) The carrier marks "master lease" if the carrier intends to use a master lease instead of individual leases.
(3) A copy of the lease is carried in all leased motor vehicles.
(4) Copies of all leases are kept in the carrier's permanent files for at least one year after the lease expires.
(5) The carrier gives a copy of the lease to the owner of the leased motor vehicle.
(6) The carrier takes possession, control and use of the motor vehicle during the period of the lease agreement.
(7) The leased motor vehicle is properly insured as specified in WAC 480-15-530 and 480-15-550.
(8) The carrier properly identifies the motor vehicle as specified in RCW 81.80.305.
(9) The carrier charges appropriate tariff rates and charges.
(10) The driver of the leased motor vehicle is on the carrier's payroll during the leased period.
(11) The leased motor vehicle is operated in compliance with laws and rules as specified in WAC 480-15-560 and 480-15-570.
(12) The driver of the leased motor vehicle is subject to the company's alcohol and controlled substance policies.
(13) The carrier and the owner of the leased motor vehicle specify on the lease form who is responsible for all expenses relating to the leased motor vehicles.
(14) The carrier complies with the terms of the lease.
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