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PDFWAC 480-15-020


For the purpose of this chapter, the words, terms, and phrases in this section have the following meaning:
Accessorial services: Any service provided by a household goods carrier that supplements, or is incidental to, the transportation of household goods. Examples include packing, unpacking, wrapping, or protecting a portion of the shipment or providing special equipment or services such as hoisting.
Agent: A permitted carrier, who, under the provisions of a formal written agreement, performs services on behalf of another permitted carrier.
Application docket: A commission publication listing applications requesting operating authority.
Authority: The rights granted to a carrier to transport household goods.
Cancellation: An act by the commission to terminate a household goods carrier's authority.
Carrier, household goods carrier, or motor carrier: A person who transports for compensation, by motor vehicle within this state, or who advertises, solicits, offers, or enters into an agreement to transport household goods.
Commercial motor vehicle: Any motor vehicle used by a household goods carrier to transport household goods, if either the vehicle has a gross vehicle weight rating or gross combination weight rating of 10,001 pounds or more or if the gross vehicle weight or gross combination weight is 10,001 pounds or more.
Commission: The Washington utilities and transportation commission.
Customer: Anyone who hires a household goods carrier.
Engaging in business as a household goods carrier: Transporting household goods for compensation, by motor vehicle within this state, or advertising, soliciting, offering, or entering into an agreement to transport household goods.
(a) Nonbinding estimate: The written estimate the carrier gives to the customer in advance of the move. A nonbinding estimate is not binding on the mover. The final charges will be based upon the actual cost of the move and the services provided, although a carrier may not charge more than 25 percent over the nonbinding estimate.
(b) Binding estimate: The written estimate the carrier gives to the customer in advance of the move, signed by the carrier and the customer, and by which both the carrier and customer are bound. The carrier may not charge any amount other than the binding estimate and the customer must pay the amount of the binding estimate.
(c) Supplemental estimate: An amendment to the original nonbinding estimate, necessary when the circumstances of a move change in a way from the original written estimate that increases the cost of the move.
Exempt motor carrier: Any person operating a motor vehicle exempt from certain provisions of Title 81 RCW as defined in RCW 81.80.040.
Filing: Any application, petition, tariff proposal, annual report, comment, complaint, pleading, or other document submitted to the commission.
Household goods: The personal effects and property used, or to be used, in a residence when transported or arranged to be transported between residences or between a residence and a storage facility with the intent to later transport to a residence or when referenced in connection with advertising, soliciting, offering, or entering into an agreement for such transportation. Transportation of the goods must be arranged and paid for by the customer or by another individual, company, or organization on behalf of the customer.
Local move: A move taking place within the limits of a city or town or moves where the shipment is transported 55 miles or less.
Long distance move: A move where the shipment is transported 56 miles or more.
Motor vehicle or vehicle: Any vehicle, machine, tractor, trailer, or semi-trailer propelled or drawn by mechanical power, or any combination of such vehicles, used on the public roads to transport household goods.
Permit: A document issued by the commission describing the authority granted to a household goods carrier.
Person: Any individual, firm, corporation, company, or partnership.
Private carrier: Persons who transport their own household goods, transport household goods bought or sold by them or transport household goods purely as an incidental adjunct to an established business.
Shipment: A load of household goods moved by a carrier from a single residence or as a single transaction.
State: The state of Washington.
Suspension: Also includes suspend, suspended, suspending: An act by the commission to withhold temporarily a household goods carrier's authority.
Tariff: A publication containing rates and charges carriers must assess on shipments of household goods and the rules that govern how rates and charges are assessed.
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