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PDFWAC 480-120-255

Information delivery services.

(1) For purposes of this section:
"Information-delivery services" means telephone recorded messages, interactive programs, or other information services that are provided for a charge to a caller through an exclusive telephone number prefix.
"Information provider" means the persons or corporations that provide the information, prerecorded message, or interactive program for the information-delivery service.
"Interactive program" means a program that allows a caller, once connected to the information provider's announcement machine, to access additional information by using the caller's telephone.
(2) Local exchange companies (LECs) offering access to information-delivery services must provide each residential customer the opportunity to block access to all information delivery services offered by that company.
(3) The LEC must inform residential customers of the blocking service through a bill insert and publication of a notice in a conspicuous location on the company's website or in the consumer information pages of the local white pages telephone directory. The LEC must include in the notice and bill insert the residential customers' rights under the law to request blocking a statement that these services often are called "900" numbers, and the telephone number to call to request blocking.
(4) Any company that provides billing, customer service, or collection services for an information provider must require, as a part of its contract for that service, that the information provider include in any advertising or promotion a prominent statement of the cost to the customer of the information service.
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