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PDFWAC 480-110-405

Meter accuracy and water pressure complaints.

(1) When the water company receives a meter accuracy or water pressure complaint, it must perform a test and share the results with the customer. The test must be at no charge to the customer, except the water company may charge for any additional meter tests requested by the customer within a twelve-month period as provided in its tariff.
(2) The test must be performed within ten days of the complaint.
(3) The customer has the option to witness the test. Should the customer choose to witness the test, a mutually agreed time will be established. A continuously recording pressure gauge may be required for a period of up to one week based on customer complaints of low pressure.
(4) The meter or pressure test must be taken using industry standard methods and equipment.
(5) If a meter test reveals a meter error in excess of two percent water flow to the detriment of the customer, the company must repair or replace the meter at no cost to the customer. A refund for any over billing must be made to the customer.
(6) If the water company and customer cannot resolve a complaint, it may be appealed to the commission for resolution.
(7) The water company must keep a record of meter and pressure tests and have them available for inspection. The record must list the customer's name and address, type of complaint, resolution, and what test method was used.
(8) The water company must provide, at the commission's request, a description of the test procedures and equipment used to perform meter and pressure complaint tests.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040. WSR 99-24-100 (Order R-467, Docket No. UW-980082), ยง 480-110-405, filed 11/30/99, effective 12/31/99.]
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