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PDFWAC 480-110-325

Application for service.

(1) When establishing initial service to a location the water company must obtain applications for service in writing, on company-supplied forms. The completed application form must:
(a) Include both the company's and the applicant's name, address and telephone number;
(b) Show the date the person applied for service;
(c) Comply with the water company's filed tariffs;
(d) Clearly state the type of service requested. (Examples: Residential or commercial, flat-rated or metered service, a letter to provide service, ready-to-serve, etc.);
(e) Include a property lot description, street number, or other sufficient description of location for service;
(f) Include a complete list and description of all applicable charges. (Examples: Account set-up, service connection, facilities charge, line extension, etc.);
(g) Include the date by which a customer can expect service;
(h) Include the application expiration date, if any;
(i) Include signatures of the potential customer and a company representative.
(2) After completing the application, the water company must:
(a) Provide the applicant with a copy of the completed form;
(b) Keep a copy of the completed application in the company's business office for no less than three years after the expiration date or the denial-of-service date;
(c) Inform the applicant within ten days of the company's intention to provide service or deny service. If service is denied, the company must tell the applicant the reason service is being denied and advise the applicant of the commission's toll-free number ( 1-800-562-6150) for appealing the decision.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040. WSR 99-24-100 (Order R-467, Docket No. UW-980082), ยง 480-110-325, filed 11/30/99, effective 12/31/99.]
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