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PDFWAC 468-310-030

Criteria for determining an unsatisfactory record of performing previous contracts.

The department may refuse to prequalify a contractor which it determines has an unsatisfactory record of performing previous contracts. In making such a determination the department shall consider the record of the contractor in performing any contract in excess of $10,000 in value performed in whole or in part within the preceding three years in accordance with the following criteria, to wit, whether or not the contractor has with respect to such contract:
(1) Furnished records, including but not limited to drawings, plans, manuals, and financial records as required by the contract;
(2) Submitted all drawings and plans to the department for review and approval as required by the contract;
(3) Fulfilled the requirements of any contractual guarantee or warranty;
(4) Diligently pursued execution and completion of work or delivery of vessels in accordance with contractual time schedules as modified by extensions of time by the owner;
(5) Cooperated with the owner in the performance of the contract including providing the owner access to the work for inspection and providing the owner timely notices of tests and trials as required by the contract;
(6) Performed the contract in a workmanlike manner with adequate quality assurance;
(7) Otherwise completed the contract in compliance with contract plans and specifications.
[Statutory Authority: 1983 c 133. WSR 83-19-014 (Order 84), ยง 468-310-030, filed 9/12/83.]
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