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PDFWAC 468-310-010

General requirements.

Contractors desiring to offer bids for the performance of contracts for the construction, improvement or repair of a ferry operated by the Washington state ferries or for the repair, overhaul, or the dry-docking of any ferry operated by Washington state ferries must first be prequalified by the Washington state department of transportation (hereinafter "department") and shall file a standard prequalification questionnaire and financial statement (hereinafter "prequalification questionnaire") using forms furnished by the department. Contractors desiring to offer bids for the performance of contracts for the construction, improvement, or repair of ferry terminal facilities shall submit for consideration a prequalification questionnaire (DOT form 420-010) in accordance with chapter 468-16 WAC. The prequalification questionnaire shall include a report of the financial ability of the contractor, its organization, key personnel, equipment and plant facilities, and experience. Complete answers to all questions and the furnishing of all information as indicated by column headings or otherwise throughout the prequalification questionnaire are an essential part of compliance with these rules. A prequalification questionnaire from a contractor not previously prequalified under these rules, who desires to bid on a project must be received no later than 15 calendar days prior to the bid opening (or such other time as the department may specify with respect to any project) in order to receive consideration for that bid opening. The contractor shall authorize the department to obtain all information which it may deem pertinent with respect to the contractor's financial worth, assets and liabilities, and the adequacy of its performance of contracts performed by the contractor in whole or in part within the preceding three years. The department shall issue a certificate of prequalification to any contractor found to possess the qualifications prescribed.
Prequalification may be established in any calendar quarter and is renewable annually. Information submitted in the prequalification questionnaire will be used to establish the initial prequalification, classification and maximum capacity ratings of the contractor for its current fiscal year or remaining portion thereof plus one additional calendar quarter. Prequalification will be renewed annually thereafter or at other times as designated by the department.
The department shall not make available for public inspection and copying financial information supplied by or on behalf of the contractor for the purpose of qualifying to submit a bid or proposal as provided herein. The foregoing restriction shall not, however, prohibit the department from giving such information in evidence or in pretrial discovery in any court action or administrative hearing involving the department and the contractor.
The department may at any time during which the certificate of prequalification is in effect demand a new prequalification questionnaire and if the same is not provided within sixty days of the date of request, the certificate of prequalification held by the contractor will be considered forfeited and the contractor will not be permitted to bid on contracts let by the department for those classes of ferry system construction or repair enumerated in WAC 468-310-050(6) until a new statement has been received by the department.
If at any time during the valid period of the certificate of prequalification the latest prequalification questionnaire on record with the department ceases to represent fairly and substantially the financial position or the equipment and plant facilities of the contractor to whom the certificate was issued, it shall be the responsibility of that contractor to so notify the department and to refrain from further bidding on ferry system construction or repair contracts until their prequalification has been confirmed or revised. Failure to give such notice will constitute a violation of these rules.
Qualified contractors shall be notified of impending expiration of their qualification and will be provided the necessary questionnaire forms for renewal at least forty-five days before the expiration date.
The department reserves the right to require a personal interview with any contractor when considering their qualifications.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 47.60.680 and 47.60.690. WSR 99-03-025 (Order 189), § 468-310-010, filed 1/11/99, effective 2/11/99. Statutory Authority: 1983 c 133. WSR 83-19-014 (Order 84), § 468-310-010, filed 9/12/83.]
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